10 easy ways to get fat

We know that fat gain happens when we put in more calories than we burn up. Below are 10 fantastic and easy ways to make that happen.

10 Easy ways to put ON body fat

10 easy ways to get fat


1) Conserve your energy

Sit most of your day. Even if you do manage to get in one hour of exercise per day, don’t panic,  sitting / resting for the other 23 hours should make up for it. 😉


2) Stay within your comfortable breathing range

If you do have to move (to actually get stuff done), then whatever you do please stay within your comfort zone. Huffing and puffing burns more calories than relaxed breathing and we wouldn’t want that would we?


3) Consume high calorie foods that don’t keep you full

This will ensure that its easier to keep consuming them.


4) Eat when you are not hungry

and when you are hungry and every other time you can think of.


5) Stock your cupboards and fridge with junk

Ensure that you have lots of choices of high calorie / low nutrient foods readily available. This also makes tip number 4 much easier.

**Bonus tip – put them in clear view for more temptation.


6) Add lot’s of extra’s to your meals

eg. oils, butter, batter, crumbing, high sugar sauces and flavourings, etc


7) Add lots of high calorie drinks that won’t keep you full

Juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, milk shakes etc.   You can fit a lot more in with not much risk of becoming full.  Meaning that you will still be hungry and can add in more calories soon after.


8) Hold onto stress and don’t get good quality sleep.

These things make you hungrier, deplete your will-power and help to store fat around your middle.


9) Choose foods and drinks that will spike (then crash) your blood sugar levels.

Meaning you will soon be hungry again and can easily consume more.


10) Become more insulin resistant.

Tips 8 and 9 will be a big help with this. The body will store fat easier when this happens, particularly around your mid section.


OK, you can see I am being a little bit cheeky here.

If you want the opposite result (fat LOSS) then it makes sense to do the opposite of these 10 action steps.


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