15 Weight loss secrets that I wish everyone knew

1) Body fat = reserve energy

The fat on your body is simply a place where your body stores excess calories that you did not use at some stage in the past.

Action step

Take away the emotion and look only at the facts. We all have body fat, we need it to live. If you have a little bit extra, it just means you can survive longer in times of famine. ūüėČ

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2) 7000 calories = 1kg of weight

 7000 calories more than you need (surplus) = 1kg of weight gain

7000 calories less than you need (deficit) = 1kg of weight loss

¬†Action step –

Become calorie AWARE. Check your labels or look up www.calorieking.com.au for foods without one


As a general rule, ¬†1kg of weight loss each week happens when we…

  • burn up an extra 500 calories per day via exercise and / or movement.
  • put in 500 calories less than you need each day (from wants, not needs)
  • Which totals 7000 calorie deficit per week.
  • Which equals 1kg weight loss each week.

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** The above is true for healthy individuals who do not have a condition that slows down weight loss.

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3) We are burning calories all day long.

168 hours per week, not just the 5 or 6 hours spent exercising. However more huffing and puffing = more calories burnt.

Action step

Spend more time off your butt = more calorie burning.

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4) you can gain fat by eating healthy foods

If you eat more calories than you use up each day, the excess will be converted to body fat and stored, regardless of how healthy your choices were.

** Unless you are doing regular progressing resistance training and consuming adequate protein, then the excess may be stored as lean muscle mass.

Action step –

Only eat when “fairly hungry”, stop eating when “satisfied”, not full (definitely not stuffed).

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5) We have very little control over what part of our body the fat that we lose will come from.

Genetics plays the biggest factor in this. (Thanks Mum and Dad)

However managing stress and blood sugar levels can help with reducing fat from around your midsection.

Action steps –

1) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2) Limit (not exclude) your consumption refined carbohydrates including sugar.

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6) Get enough protein, essential fats and fibre (from veg)

This will keep you full and provide you with lots of nutrients that your body needs.

Action step –

Aim to consume some protein and veg with EVERY meal.

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7) Carbs are not evil

They are our bodies preferred energy source. However, they will probably need to be somewhat limited (not excluded) on a fat loss plan if you want to eat enough protein, fat and fibre yet not over eat calories.

Action step –

Become carbohydrate aware. Learn how much is in the regular foods and drinks you consume. Cut down on extra’s where possible.

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8) Exercise alone is a VERY inefficient way to lose weight.

A 65kg woman burns approx. 500 cals in a HARD 1 hour exercise session. She would need to exercise for 14 hours to burn 1kg. That is assuming she doesn’t eat ANYTHING extra to reward herself for working out.

Action step –

Exercise for health, strength, fitness and mood. Know that most of your fat loss results will come from your eating plan.

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9) Using and overloading your muscle groups…

will not only burn  calories, but will build shapely lean muscle. More muscle on your body burns more calories ALL DAY LONG.

Action step –

Include  resistance training as part of your weekly exercise routine. IMPORTANT Рmuscle burns a small amount more calories per day. It is not a licence to over eat.

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10) Managing your blood sugar levels…

will also manage your energy, hunger and fat burning hormones. Which makes sticking to a weight loss plan SO MUCH EASIER.

Action step –

Choose carbohydrate sources that contain fibre. Include protein and veg with each meal. Move lots, particularly after eating (even 5 – 10 minutes of movement will help)

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11)  Willpower sucks. Use skill-power instead

Changing your environment is your first step.

Do you think that people in the 1950’s had truckloads more willpower than we do now?¬† Or were they slim because they were not surrounded by high calorie / low nutrient foods on every corner ?

Action step –

Wherever possible make it HARD for you to access high calorie / low nutrient foods. Clear out your fridge, cupboards, workplace and car. Make it EASY and convenient to access high nutrient / lower calorie foods. **TIP. Foods that look the same as they do in nature are usually your best choice Ie. Broccoli looks the same when you pull it from the ground, as when it’s on your plate. Rice crackers look nothing like in nature.

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12) Insulin resistance makes fat burning hard and fat storage easy.

Becoming more insulin sensitivity does the opposite (Yay).

Some weight loss plans result in you becoming more insulin resistant, even if you lose weight.

Healthy, Happy Habits coaching program places a big focus on losing weight while becoming more insulin sensitive. Meaning that keeping the weight off long term becomes a whole lot easier.

Action step –

Join Health, Happy Habits. A 12 week habit change coaching program that will change the rest of your life.

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13) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Will power / mental energy is a resource that runs out when used. If you use a lot of your mental energy¬†on decisions ¬†that do not matter, you won’t have enough left for the big rocks that actually do get results.

Action step –

Don’t waste mental energy on insignificant stuff.

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14) Do all of this with the LEAST disruption to your life.

Action step –

Make over the meals you currently love and enjoy, rather than replacing them completely.


15) Don’t go it alone

Get a coach (like me)  to walk you step by step through the journey for a short period of time (say 8 weeks). You can then feel confident and empowered to continue on for life

Action step –

Join – Coaching with Chriss