18 in 2018. My personal goals.

A list of goals / to do’s / wishes / actions / (call it what you like) for my 2018.

1) 2018 is my year of muscle.

I was so slack in the resistance training department in 2017. I’m sure I have lost some lean muscle. It’s time to get it back.

I commit to doing at least 2 x week, full body resistance training sessions.

Ideally I would LOVE to find a gym buddy to weight train with. I enjoy cardio by myself with something to listen to in my earphones, but with my resistance training, I love to do it with a friend. When I look back on my past, I was in the best shape when I had a weights buddy.

Year of muscle – Find a gym buddy – No. 1 on my list 

2) Continue doing fun, active stuff.

Golf lessons and games, regular hikes with friends, bike riding, swimming in my new pool, morning walks, etc.

3) Regular creative classes

Painting, jewellery making and simply keeping an eye out for new creative learnings that take my fancy.

I did some creative classes in 2017, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to continue and do even more.

4) Move house and decorate it

We are moving house in January 2018 (same suburb). I am so looking forward to de-cluttering and living in a new, clean, clear, fresh space.

Confession – – I used to love to keep my house nicely decorated and clear, but I let that slip whilst living in my house that needed major renovations and was cluttered with too much stuff.

I am really excited about changing the environment that I spend he most time in.

I have a theme for the new house style… TROPICAL CHIC. (What do you think)

Topical Chic inspiration

5) Go somewhere NEW each month

I have done this in previous years, its great. Gets me out of my rut.

It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. Maybe a new walk, restaurant, café or market.

6) Find 1 new hobby or class

Either a new exercise class that I LOVE and look forward to, or a dance class.

I went to an event recently, where a lovely bunch of “senior” rock and roll dancers tore up the dance floor. I was so inspired. I thought to myself.. ” I’d love to do that”.

Let me make it clear that I am NOT a dancer and this will be way out of my comfort zone.

If you are a local and have any suggestions, please let me know..

7) Read more fiction and / or find a new TV series to get into

Any suggestions?  I don’t like to watch anything with violence.

8) Continue to attend my Sunday morning joggers club

However, I have no goals to improve my time or distance. I simply want to go and enjoy it. Yes, granted, my fitness and time will probably improve from simply being consistent each week, but its not a driver for me.

9) Wear jewellery

This might sound like a weird one.

As you read in point 3, I like to make jewellery, I also like to buy jewellery. Problem is I make and buy way more than I wear.

I want to wear and enjoy my beautiful sparkly jewellery more often this year.

Jewellery, both bought and made

10) Catch up with my girlfriends regularly.

This was also a theme for 2017. The online world is great, but there’s nothing like being in the same room as your besties, laughing and connecting.

11) Law of Attraction

I have always been interested in LOA, this year I would like to lean into that a little more. ( I don’t know what that means for me yet, but keeping my mind open to it).

I recently discovered a new LOA podcast that I love. I’m just going to follow along with it and see where it leads me.

12) Weekly Facebook Live Show

I embraced FB live video more in 2017. This year I would like to up the ante and do a weekly show at a set time.

What do you think?

Thoughts for show names so far…

  • Fit, Healthy and Sane.
  • Balanced not perfect
  • Fit tips with Chriss

13) Go to Macca’s once per week.


No, this one is not a joke.

I work from home. It can be challenging to get into a routine and not get distracted. I am going to trial a weekly routine where I go to a specific space for a set amount of time with my laptop and get some damn work done.

Macca’s and its free WI-FI seems as good a place as any.

I will go the day after I do my weekly FB livestream show so I can edit it and email it out to my VIP list.

14) Go on a Winter holiday to somewhere warm

This is essential for a Summer loving girl like me.  I don’t have any definite plans as yet. Maybe the familiar (and cheap) Bali, maybe somewhere new.

15) Job, community, team, contribute, more face to face connection


In 2017 I realised I was craving more face to face connection. More chance to contribute and make a difference.

On a whim I put a letter on the desk at my local gym. I received a phone call the next day and I started working there a few days later.

I had big dreams and plans to run workshops, classes, programs and so much more.


Little did I realise that the current owner was in the midst of selling the gym. Nothing turned out as planned and I was left with a bit of a bad taste about the whole thing to be perfectly honest.

In 2018 I would like to work as part of a team, contribute, help more people, connect face to face more often. I don’t know if that involves getting a JOB (I have some issues with that word), or if it will be something different. I am putting it on my 18 in 18 list and I’m open to opportunities.

16) Continue my Saturday Sweat Session class

Saturday face to face group fitness session is always one of the highlights of my week. Meeting up with like minded peeps for a workout, lots of laughs, support and connection.

  • In the beautiful surrounds of Chipping Norton Lakes.
  • 8am every Saturday
  • Just $12 casual visit.
  • Details to join HERE 

17) Offer a new class on Saturdays

I would love to offer a brand new class with a different theme on Saturdays at 9am.

Tossing up…

  • Walking for weight loss
  • Total body tone up
  • Introduction to fitness for beginners

18) Coach 150+ people to achieve their health and fitness goals

Via my online programs that will be available this year.

  • Fit, Healthy and Sane – January
  • First Steps to Fasting – Autumn
  • Mindset and Motivation Make-over – Spring
  • Fit, Healthy and Sane – Summer


Ok, reading back on this post I can see that there is quite a bit I haven’t worked out as yet.

Lucky I’ve got a year, huh?