18 in 2018. My personal goals.

A list of 18 goals / to do’s / wishes / actions / (call it what you like) for my 2018.

1) 2018 is my year of muscle.

I was so slack in the resistance training department in 2017. I’m sure I have lost some lean muscle. It’s time to get it back.

I commit to doing at least 2 x week, full body resistance training sessions.

Ideally I would LOVE to find a gym buddy to weight train with. I enjoy cardio by myself with something to listen to in my earphones, but with my resistance training, I love to do it with a friend. When I look back on my past, I was in the best shape when I had a weights buddy.

Oh and just to clarify. Gaining muscle does not equate to a bulky look. I simply want to regain a firmer look and feel that I had a few years back. Regular resistance training is the best way to achieve this. 

  • January – 2 measly gym sessions done ūüôĀ . No gym buddy found. Too busy moving house (excuses, excuses)¬†
  • February¬† – Regular weights sessions completed this month. Yay. No big changes to how I look or feel as yet, but I know building muscle is a long term game. And I am certainly taking the long and slow turtle approach¬†

2) Continue doing fun, active stuff.

Golf lessons and games, regular hikes with friends, bike riding, swimming in my new pool, morning walks, etc.

  • January¬† – walks, swims, golf (even got a new set of clubs). No hikes or bike rides as yet.
  • February¬† – golf lessons continuing. I am also participating in a fitness class once a week and loving it. I really enjoy being a participant again. Turning my brain off and simply following instructions. Pushing my body a bit harder than I would on my own. Morning walks as always. Some swims too. (By “swim” I mean splashing around, not doing laps)¬†

3) Regular creative classes

Painting, jewellery making and simply keeping an eye out for new creative learnings that take my fancy.

I did some creative classes in 2017, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to continue and do even more.

  • January¬† – nothing to report. ūüôĀ¬†
  • February – Attended a beaded jewellery class at The Bead Room Chipping Norton. I am also enjoying decorating my new house. Simply pottering around and moving items here or there. It really is the little things in life that make me happy.¬†
February beading class

4) Move house and decorate it

We are moving house in January 2018 (same suburb). I am so looking forward to de-cluttering and living in a new, clean, clear, fresh space.

Confession – – I used to love to keep my house nicely decorated and clear, but I let that slip whilst living in my house that needed major renovations and was cluttered with too much stuff.

I am really excited about changing the environment that I spend he most time in.

I have a theme for the new house style… TROPICAL CHIC.

My new “tropical chic” home.
  • January update – MOVED HOUSE !! Yay. (This is why not much of anything else got done)

5) Go somewhere NEW each month

I have done this in previous years, its great. Gets me out of my rut.¬†It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. Maybe a new walk, restaurant, caf√© or market.¬†

January – Shangri La Sydney

  • January – Dinner at the spectacular Shangri La restaurant in Sydney. AMAZING.¬†
  • February – A day out at Warwick Farm races and the brand new William Inglis Hotel. Very enjoyable.¬†

6) Find 1 new hobby or class

Either a new exercise class that I LOVE and look forward to, or a dance class.

I went to an event recently, where a lovely bunch of “senior” rock and roll dancers tore up the dance floor. I was so inspired. I thought to myself.. ” I’d love to do that”.

Let me make it clear that I am NOT a dancer and this will be way out of my comfort zone.

If you are a local and have any suggestions, please let me know..

  • January¬† – nothing to report
  • February – Yay, I am attending a new lunchtime fitness class at one of my local gyms. Loving it.

7) Read more fiction and / or find a new TV series to get into

January reading

  • January update – read one fiction from Liane Moriarty, read The Barefoot Investor book (non fiction, but LOVED it), about to start Jodi Piccoult.¬† *Also – wrote an extensive FB post about how the BAREFOOT INVESTOR book relates to your health, body and weight goals. ***
  • February – Watching the terribly trashy Married at First Sight whilst group messaging my closest girlfriends.¬†The show is train wreck TV. Virtually chatting with my besties whilst watching is hilarious. Also reading “Run like a girl” ) not fiction, great so far.¬†

8) Continue to attend my Sunday morning joggers club

However, I have no goals to improve my time or distance. I simply want to go and enjoy it. Yes, granted, my fitness and time will probably improve from simply being consistent each week, but its not a driver for me.

  • January – Regularly attending and enjoying joggers club.
  • February – Oh no. Just one Sunday attended in Feb. I would be lying if I said I was too busy. Too many Saturday nights out is more honest.¬†


9) Wear jewellery

This might sound like a weird one.

As you read in point 3, I like to make jewellery, I also like to buy jewellery. Problem is I make and buy way more than I wear.

I want to wear and enjoy my beautiful sparkly jewellery more often this year.

Jewellery, both bought and made
  • January¬† – I give myself a 4/ 10 for this one so far
  • February – Still making more jewellery than wearing it ūüôĀ¬†

10) Catch up with my girlfriends regularly.

This was also a theme for 2017. The online world is great, but there’s nothing like being in the same room as your besties, laughing and connecting.

  • Jan update – big tick here. ūüôā¬†
  • Feb – Yes!! Both virtually and in real life. Woohooo¬†

11) Law of Attraction

I have always been interested in LOA, this year I would like to lean into that a little more. ( I don’t know what that means for me yet, but keeping my mind open to it).

I recently discovered a new LOA podcast that I love. I’m just going to follow along with it and see where it leads me.

  • January – still loving the podcast. That’s all at this stage
  • February – Ok this is going to sound weird and woo woo, but I actually think some things have happened as a result of me thinking about them and / or¬† writing them down.

I have been writing down the following…

“I have an ideal Virtual Assistant who gets me organised including sending weekly emails, website updates and design”.¬†

I even wrote .. ” So H & G (Happy and Grateful) the perfect VA falls in my lap”.¬†

From my messy LOA daily journaling

I write or read it almost every day (as part of a big long list of other goals). Some days I feel like it will happen, some days I feel like I’m kidding myself, most days I write / read it and DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

Anyway, about a week ago someone I once worked with contacted me out of the blue and offered his services for exactly what I wrote. I’m not kidding!

We have started the process of working together and if it works out as planned it will mean I finally get organised with my weekly emails delivering valuable information. You can sign up for those HERE by the way. 


A very similar thing happened with Number 15 on this list. (see below). I actually got goose-bumps, Like a sense of deja vu. I knew it would happen before it did. 

More to come on this NEXT MONTH.

12) I want to write a book !!

Fit, healthy and SANE. How to lose weight without losing your mind.

  • January update –¬†I have a rough draft of the first 4 chapters. Happy with that.¬†
  • February – NOTHING MORE ūüôĀ¬†

13) Go to Macca’s once per week.


No, this one is not a joke.

I work from home. It can be challenging to get into a routine and not get distracted. I am going to trial a weekly routine where I go to a specific space for a set amount of time with my laptop and get some damn work done.

Macca’s and its free WI-FI seems as good a place as any.

14) Go on a Winter holiday to somewhere warm

This is essential for a Summer loving girl like me.¬† I don’t have any definite plans as yet. Maybe the familiar (and cheap) Bali, maybe somewhere new.

15) Community, team, involvement, contribute, more face to face connection


In 2017 I realised I was craving more face to face connection. More chance to contribute and make a difference. On a whim I put a letter on the desk at my local gym. I received a phone call the next day and I started working there a few days later.

I had big dreams and plans to run workshops, classes, programs and so much more.


Little did I realise that the current owner was in the midst of selling the gym. Nothing turned out as planned and I was left with a bit of a bad taste about the whole thing to be perfectly honest.

In 2018 I would like to be part of a team, contribute, help more people, be involved in something, connect face to face more often. I don’t know if that involves getting a JOB (I have some issues with that word), or if it will be something different. I am putting it on my 18 in 18 list and I’m open to opportunities.

  • Jan – nothing to report¬†
  • Feb – see number 11 – Law of Attraction. More details to come next month¬†

16) Continue my Saturday Sweat Session class

Saturday face to face group fitness session is always one of the highlights of my week. Meeting up with like minded peeps for a workout, lots of laughs, support and connection.

  • In the beautiful surrounds of Chipping Norton Lakes.
  • 8am every Saturday
  • Just $12 casual visit.
  • Details to join HERE¬†

17) Offer a new class on Saturdays

I would love to offer a brand new class with a different theme on Saturdays at 9am.

Tossing up…

  • Walking for weight loss
  • Total body tone up
  • Introduction to fitness for beginners

  • Jan¬† – still deciding on this one..
  • Feb – decided to resume my Tuesday morning class instead (at this stage). The first class ran this morning (6th March). I loved it. I have missed my Tuesday ladies so much. ¬†Details to join HERE . ¬†However I haven’t ruled out starting something new on Saturdays at 9am too.¬†

18) Coach 150+ people to achieve their health and fitness goals

Via my online programs that will be available this year

  • 4 week fat flush¬† – Join anytime
  • Mindset and Motivation Make-over – Spring
  • Fit, Healthy and Sane – Summer
  • Jan update – 4 week fat flush starts soon – check it out and JOIN HERE
  • Feb – Fat Flush clients are SMASHING their goals.¬†


Ok, reading back on this post I can see that there is quite a bit I haven’t worked out as yet.

Lucky I’ve got a year, huh?