7 reasons you are not losing weight

 Have you ever made the decision to lose some weight?

  • You put in time and effort
  • You go without your favourite treats
  • You hit the gym
  • You move more
  •  You eat healthy foods

and then…..

NOTHING.  No results (or very little results).

What gives?

We have all been taught that TIME + EFFORT = RESULTS.

However, this equation only works if you are putting your time and effort into the things that actually work.


Below are 7 reasons you are NOT losing weight

(even though you are trying)


Before I get started, please note. By “weight loss”, I actually mean “fat loss”. The scales are not always the best way to measure fat loss. If your waist measurement is getting smaller, but your scales are not moving much, then you are probably losing fat and gaining muscle (Yay). I explain this in full HERE.

This article is for you if your waist measure is not going down, even though you are trying.


1) You are eating and / or drinking more calories than you need for weight loss to occur.

Technical term = Creating a calorie DEFICIT

** This is by far the most common reason I see, when a new fat loss client comes to me. 

Imagine a brand new shiny sports car that needs 60 litres of fuel to fill up. It doesn’t matter how pure or wonderful the fuel source is… If you put in 70 litres, its excess (and will get stored as body fat in the case of the human body).

It doesn’t matter how healthy, you are eating. It doesn’t matter that you have given up sugar or fat (or chocolate or chips or alcohol or whatever).

You need to consume LESS calories than you burn each day or week, in order to lose weight.

I love this simple infographic from MyoLean fitness

You are in a DEFICIT some days of the week, but blow it on other days.

 Its the weekly total that matters most.


  • Let’s assume that you need to eat 1500 calories per day to lose weight. That’s 10500 per week.
  • You eat 1500 calories Mon – Fri = 7500 (Yay, going well)
  • You eat 3000 calories on Saturday because its your Free day, or Cheat day (or whatever you call it)
  • You eat 2500 calories on Sunday (just because)
  • Your weekly calorie total = 13000
  • You don’t lose any weight and you may even put weight on

Also see “5:2 Fasting, Will it work for you.?


Infographic from Carter Good

3) You don’t consume enough protein and fibre (usually in the form of salad and veg).

2 people can consume the same amount of calories in and burn the same amount of calories out, but the person who eats more protein and vegetables in their day, will lose more body fat than the person who doesn’t.

Examples –

  • Mary burns 2000 calories per day
  • Mary now consumes 1500 cals per day in order to create a calorie deficit
  • Mary makes sure at least 700 of those calories come from protein rich foods. She does this so that she A) stays full and B) doesn’t lose muscle
  • This automatically limits foods coming from carbs and fat to the remaining 800 calories
  • Mary loses body fat and keeps muscle = Yay

Compared to

  • Sally burns 2000 calories per day
  • Sally now consumes 1500 cals per day in order to create a calorie deficit (same amount as Mary)
  • Sally only consumes 200 calories from protein rich foods. This leaves her hungry and likely that she will lose muscle
  • Sally consumes the remaining 1300 calories from foods and drinks that contain carbohydrates and fat
  • Sally loses some body fat and loses some muscle = Boo

Note – they are both consuming the same AMOUNT of calories, but one gets better results than the other AND finds it easier to stick to because she consumes adequate protein.

4) You are taking medications that have weight gain as a side effect

Talk to your GP for the best course of action

Chronic stress and / or lack of quality sleep.

Fee lethargic = less movement = burn less calories.

Makes you hungrier = more food = consume more calories.


You are choosing foods that don’t keep you full 

I always advise my fat loss clients to view their food choices through the lens of “how full will this calorie spend keep me”.


7) You have some form of insulin resistance (IR) and / or diabetes

This may make it easier to store fat and harder to burn it.
2 people can be on the same weight loss plan, yet get different results, if one person is insulin sensitive and the other is resistant.

Some signs of insulin resistance are –

  • hold excess weight around your middle
  • often hungry, sometimes to the point of shaking
  • cravings for sugar and / or refined carbs
  • energy lows at times throughout your day


If you fall under one of these categories, its not an excuse to throw your hands up in surrender and tell yourself “I don’t sleep well, I will never lose weight”. Rather I hope that you take this information and use it to your advantage. Take back the power and control of your own body.


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