8 health, fitness and weight loss myths that need to DIE

I have been asked these questions A LOT over my 20+years in the fitness industry.

I decided to do a short and sweet Facebook live video to set the record straight. Yes, I use weird props to demonstrate. Everyone thinks of their body fat as a big fluffy doona cover don’t they?

8 health, fitness and weight loss myths that need to DIE !!

  1. Abdominal exercises are a great way to make your tummy smaller-
  2. Eating 5 – 6 small meals per day boosts your metabolism
  3. Certain types of exercise lengthen your muscles
  4. Exercising at a low / medium intensity burns more body fat
  5. Exercise alone results in weight loss – NOT unless you are doing a LOT of it. Lets say 14+ hours per week
  6. Eating carbohydrates at night will turn to body fat
  7. Eating sugar, wine, chocolate, fat ______ (insert your favourite treat) automatically turns to fat.
  8. Sweat = fat loss

and here’s 2 more that I didn’t cover in my Facebook Live video

  • 9) Motivation is needed.

Not motivated to eat well and move your body?   Do it anyway. The payoff is worth the effort. However, you should find a way to eat nutritious foods and move your body in a way that you ENJOY.

  • 10) You can tell someone’s health by how much they weigh.

Plenty of thin people are walking around with poor health and vice versa. Being ultra lean (six pack abs) is not healthier than being an “average” size.
In some cases its less healthy especially for women.


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