Hey there gorgeous, thanks for visiting my site.

I’m grateful you took the time out from your busy day to learn a bit more about me.  Let me introduce myself…
I’m Chriss Tinslay,

A Mindfulness trainer, a Wife, a Mum, and a lover of all things 80’s.

I teach my students how to reduce stress, anxiety, worry and over-thinking, so that they can live the wonderful life they deserve.  I teach via live and online coaching programs, my daily musings on Facebook and Insta, and also my weekly email newsletter.

I’m the creator of Mindfulness for Over-thinkers – an 8 week coaching course to take you from stressed and anxious, to calm, happy and confident.


I am proud of the work I do in the world.

I believe the world needs more teachers like me sharing how to care for yourself from the inside. It’s taken me a long time to arrive in this peaceful place and I couldn’t be happier.



Yes, I asked my hubby to wear a matching pink shirt with our dog Timmy on my birthday (Christmas day) . Lucky he’s a good sport. 😉

My backstory..

I previously dedicated 20+ years of my life to being a fitness trainer.
My body was in shape, but my mind was a mess. 
Everything appeared fine from the outside. I looked like I had my life together.
But …
I was always exhausted at the end of the day. Not from the physical activity I had done, but from the constant draining mental chatter inside my head.  Most of it negative..

I was filled with self doubts…

  • Im not good enough
  • Im too old
  • No-one will listen to me
  • I’m a crap Mum
  • I’m a hopeless wife
  • I cant do it
  • It’s all too hard
  • Blah, blah, blah
  • I could go on and on… but you get the picture


By the end of each day, I would find myself reaching for something unhealthy to help me drown out the noise in my head.

I knew I couldn’t go on like this for much longer. I was nearing burn-out.

***The thing is you would have never known any of this by looking at me. I kept these thoughts well hidden to those around me.



Then it dawned on me…

You don’t accidentally get physically strong, fit and flexible.

It takes consistent work and practice.  Even just to MAINTAIN physical fitness, you need to exercise regularly.


I discovered it’s the SAME THING with mental health.

You don’t accidentally get mentally fit, healthy, strong and flexible.  It takes consistent care and practice.  Left unattended our minds can veer towards stress, anxiety and over thinking. That’s just what minds do.


I did a DEEP DIVE into a trio of modalities,

Mindfulness, Meditation and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Those 3 modalities when combined together have been truly life changing for me. I went on to study and become a qualified trainer,  under the guidance of world renowned experts.

I have learned how to be in and enjoy the present moment, how to observe my thoughts but not identify or get caught up in them and how to manage my anxious mind. 

I feel happy and alive again for the first time in a loooooong time. 


Am I perfect?
No, I don’t think there is such a thing.

I’m a work in progress, just like everyone else. But I am so much happier, calmer and better prepared to face anything coming my way in life. Thanks to my daily MINDFULNESS training. 


Now I want to share these teachings with you so you can live your best life.

Free from all the life draining mental chatter.
A way towards a calm and peaceful mind.

  Mindfulness and Meditation coaching course

An 8 week live coaching course that will change your life from the inside out.

10 fun facts about me..

  •  1) I love all things 80’s. The daggier, the better


  • 2) I am an only child and I chose to have only 1 child. It feels normal to me. I love her more than I ever thought possible


  • 3) I love Wonder Woman ( I want to be her when I grow up)


  • 4) I got my first grey hair at age 24. I am mostly grey now. Thank goodness for hair dye.


  • 5) I was a fitness and weight loss coach for 20+ years before I transitioned into mindfulness coaching. I became far more interested in what is weighing you down, rather than what you weigh.


  • 6) I love the sky, especially the moon. The full moon is magical to me


  • 7) I have a great bunch of very close girlfriends.  We know how busy life can be and we make an effort to stay close and in regular contact.


  • 8) I LOVE my Pomeranian dog Timmy. He wandered into our lives quite by accident. I don’t know who got luckier, him or us.


  • 9) Even though I love Mindfulness and Meditation, I’m not into green smoothies or yoga. You’d be more likely to see me tucking into a home made sanga (that’s a sandwich for non Aussies) and enjoying a glass of champagne with my besties.


  •  10) I was born on Christmas day. Hence the name – Christine, Chriss for short.

I can’t wait to share more mindfulness lessons with you.