The best exercise for weight loss

Want to know what the best exercise for weight loss is?

Drumroll please ……..

The best exercise for weight loss is the one that you ENJOY.  The one that you will DO. The one that needs (almost) no willpower because you actually look forward to it.

(I bet that’s not the answer you expected, is it?)

If you have been following my posts for a while, you might have expected me to say HIIT is the best, or maybe an exercise session that uses and overloads all of your muscles is the best.

No doubt about it, those are both great options. Primarily because they continue to give you benefits AFTER your session has finished.

However, even the perfect exercise session is useless if you never actually DO it.

Done is better than perfect


We know that weight loss occurs when we burn up more calories than we put in.

Please see How to lose 1kg per week – A step by step guide


In THIS article, we looked at ways to reduce your calories IN.

Today we are going to look at how we can burn UP an extra 500 calories per day (3500 per week)

You can choose to burn that extra 500 calories per day, ANY WAY YOU ENJOY.


Have you ever heard something like this?

“Boxing burns XXX calories per hour”
“Running burns XX calories for 20 minutes”

 Those statements drive me crazy.

  •  Firstly, the information is of no use to you if you have never done and never plan to do the specified activity.
  • Secondly, how can you compare Mild Mavis boxing (chatting the whole time and hardly working up a sweat)  to Mad Mary (boxing like a crazy woman on a mission)

 The Truth is – – Its NOT about the activity, its about the INTENSITY.

  • check the table below
  • determine your favourite activity and the intensity that best describes it
  • determine how many minutes of it you need to do to burn up an extra 500 calories per day
  • and then… GO DO IT !! 😉


burning calories small



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