How to FINALLY stick to your health and fitness goals

Have you been on and off the health and fitness rollercoaster more times than you care to remember?

Here are some tips to FINALLY stick to your plans and goals.

* Quit the ALL or NOTHING approach

Most of the time Near Enough is Good Enough.

* Allow yourself to be a beginner

You should expect to start off a little shaky when learning any new skill, just like if you were learning to play the piano for the first time.

You will improve slowly over time if you stay consistent.

* Take full responsibility for your actions

You are a grown up (stolen from Craig Harper )

* Quit micro-managing.

What you eat and do over your week is way more important than what you do in ONE meal or ONE session.
Your weekly total of IN and OUT is what’s important.

* Focus on a TODAY benefit, not a FUTURE benefit.

Eg. I will eat the salad and go for a walk because I will feel energised and great today, not because I might be healthier sometime in the future

* Take motivation out of the equation.

Do you wait for motivation to strike before you go to work, brush your teeth or do your taxes?
Or do you do it because the payoff is worth the effort.
Be committed, not motivated.

* Practice gratitude.

Put most of your focus into the things that are going well in your life and you will attract more things to feel positive about.

* Skill-power not will power.

Clean up your environment, hang out with positive people, prepare some meals (remember, near enough is good enough)

* Don’t kid yourself it will be all smooth sailing.

There WILL be some tough times. Prepare and commit to staying the course anyway.

* Tell yourself (convince yourself) with affirmations

  • This is just what I do now.
  • This is my new normal.
  • I can and I will