Learn how to lose weight, gain health and get in shape..

Fit back into your favourite jeans again, walk into a room and turn heads (for all the right reasons), bounce off the walls with motivation


Enjoy food again – NO guilt  (ahhhh FINALLY!)


Giving up carbs, or running out of willpower by the end of the week.

Intermittent Fasting Is Scientifically Proven By Multiple Studies To

 burn body fat (woohoo!), heal your body & improve mind, memory, mood & motivation.

AND contrary to popular belief, won’t leave you starving or feeling deprived (quadruple yay!).

Intermittent Fasting is perfect for you if;
Calorie Counting Every Day Is A Time Suck & You’re Bored Of The Restrictions
Adding 3 million items to your MyFitnessPal every day makes you want to poke your eyeballs out with a hot stick. So you want a simple way to eat normally 5 days a week & a little less 2 days a week … without it taking over your life.
You are DONE with fad dieting
 You want FACTS and science. Not some 23 year old Instagrammer telling you you’ll get a butt like hers if you live on a diet of birdseed. You’re an intelligent person … and you need intelligent information.
 You’re Overweight, Tired & Depressed
Your health, mood & motivation severely need an overhaul because … well … LIFE got in the way & you’re suffering as a result. You’ve prioritised everyone else’s needs at the expense of your own health … and now it’s YOUR turn to look after you.
Intermittent Fasting’s Been On Your Radar For A While … But You Don’t Know Where To Start
You love a good challenge. But sometimes it’s scary & overwhelming to start something new … so you want to work with someone who walks the talk & gets you the results.



With intermittent fasting,
it’s not a ‘feast & famine’ that the so-called ‘gurus’ will have you believe.


You can eat whatever the hell you want 5 days a week (within reason)
with an easy to handle lower calories for the other 2
(Together we’ll find your “fasting sweet spot”, so you can eat the most amount of food whilst achieving results)
(squee! Finally!)

5 DIETS  That you will NEVER need to try again!!

(because they’re totally, positively, stupidly useless)


The “Live off organic lettuce leaves’ Diet
That sounds sustainable doesn’t it?? Facepalm !!

The best diet is the one you don’t know you are on.


The ‘Cabbage Soup’ Diet
Based on the premise that if you live on (yum yum) boiled cabbage water, you’ll blast off fat and be bouncing around like Tigger. But it’ll be from all the gas coming out of ‘you know where’ …


The ‘ Shakes’ Diet
Not only is living on shakes unsustainable, but it teaches you nothing about how to achieve weight loss in the real world with regular foods.
You’re better off hitting your local milk bar for a good old fashioned ‘chocky shake’ for the joy factor & learning how to factor it into your plan.


The ‘Lemon Detox (Kill Me Now) Diet’ Diet
The idea is to live on some weird lemon stuff, cayenne pepper and the tears of Shrek & Princess Fiona. Promising that your body will go back to the health of a 5 year old. But the LDD will break your metabolism … causing you to lose more muscle than fat (meaning you will be flabbier) and leave you hangrier than ever.


The ‘Diety Diet’
Let’s be real here. The word ‘diet’ belongs in the 80’s with its verandah sized fringes and leg warmers. Diets come and go because they’re quick fixes.


What you need is a LIFESTYLE change – a sustainable way of eating that’s good for BOTH your weight and your health.

6 Critical Reasons Why You Should Add Intermittent Fasting Into Your Lifestyle


Drop The Body Fat Healthily & Sustainably

News Flash !! Your body does not like “being on a diet” every single day of your life. It will fight back. Intermittent fasting is like Interval dieting. Periods of ON, then periods of “cruising” . This gives your body (and brain) a break from constantly being in a state of deprivation.


Make Your Cells Happy & Healthy

Fasting causes your body to repair your cells while eliminating waste & toxins out of them … creating a more efficient filtering process.


Burn More Calories:

Because your body is not ALWAYS dieting, the bodies metabolism has been shown to stay slightly higher than traditional weight loss methods.


Look 10 Years Younger

“Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.” (*Source – News Medical) Several studies show that fasting reduces oxidative stress & damage, thus slowing down the ageing process … making you look hotter, younger & healthier … for longer!


Saves you time and money

Seriously what other weight loss program actually saves you time and money. 2 days of your week you will spend way less time, money and mental energy on food.


Preserve Your Willpower

Most weight loss plans need you to change everything about your routine, meaning you need to use lots of mental energy and willpower. With 5:2 fasting you don’t make any changes for 5 days a week, you only need willpower and focus 2 days out of every 7.



New course starts 18th June.

Short cut your entire learning process & get cracking on your health & rock hard body journey TODAY.

5 Reasons Why I Can Masterfully Help You
Fudge The Fat, Get Uber-Fit & Completely Flip Your Health


(but I can’t make your kids stop kicking the back of the car seat. I’m not a wizard)
I’ve Been In This Biz For 20+ Years: Yep! I’ve trodden a well worn path through the perils, pitfalls and pinnacles of the fitness & fat loss industry. So you’ve got an industry expert to guide, support and bounce off throughout your journey.
This Is The BEST Path To Health I’ve Discovered: I’ve tested multiple strategies to health & fat loss and THIS has been the most successful. Why? Because it’s holistic. It’s not just a weight loss fad where, like most methods, they fall down in actually being good for your health. This is a repairing & regenerative process as well.
I’ve Invested Time & Money: I’ve Spent 1000’s of dollars and countless hours over the last 20 years,  studying, researching, testing, tweaking the most cutting edge fat loss techniques so you don’t have to. Instead you can fast track your learning and progress into just 4 weeks.
I Walk My Talk: I’m a regular person just like you. I’m not super human. I gain weight and go off track sometimes too. Fasting is THE NUMBER ONE technique that gets me back into my skinny jeans.

New course starts 18th June.

Short cut your entire learning process & get cracking on your health & rock hard body journey TODAY.

It’s time to make your health, body & life EASY to care for.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Chriss@ChrissTinslay.com

5 Ways You’re About To Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

by eating in a way that doesn’t deprive, starve or make you wanna chew your own arm off

* Eating in ultimate happiness what you want (within reason) means you don’t have to give up chocolate, sugar or wine.
* Your energy levels so high, you’re bouncing off the walls & singing bad 80’s songs to your bewildered children first thing in the morning.
* Your little cells loving on you loving on them (in little munchkin voices) and cleaning up your body of all the gunk from 20 odd years of cheese, shiraz & terrible Spice Girls songs.
* Fitting into those jeans you’ve been ‘saving as your goal pants’ for the last 15 years.
* No more pills, shakes, gym avoidance techniques and bingo wings … just feeling totes amazeballs. All day every day!


So how will you achieve this perfect utopia of happiness?

Well that’s where I come in …


Because that sexy little body of yours deserves all the love, attention and goodness it deserves.


 with more ease, a clear strategy and gradual changes that don’t overwhelm you or make you want to give up after a week.


In First Steps To Fasting You’ll Discover;


The Basics Of Fasting & Getting Organised: Simple steps to fasting & how to ease into it without feeling deprived or fighting with your brain.
Mastering Your Hangry Cravings: Work on your mindset while it fights you for food. There’ll be times where, because your brain knows you’re about to change a pattern, it goes into stress mode. You’ll learn how to change your thoughts to change your behaviour so the new way becomes automatic.
Dropping Calories Safely: Each week is a gradual decline in calories on fasting days. So you’re training your body & mind to accept the new change. This process makes it more sustainable than if you dropped it all in one go … so no more suffering in silence at the family barbecue.
Combining Fasting With Exercise: Tips & advice for how to exercise in order to create calorie deficits so you’re burning fat & feeling more motivated.
Reducing Blood Sugar Spikes & Insulin Levels: A BONUS lesson on reducing your insulin levels & improving resistance. This gives your body time to rest significantly from spikes & insulin production for 2 days of the week.


Every Monday in the past I would re-start my diet and try to be good all week and weekend but following this method I don’t have to do this anymore.  I can enjoy my weekends.  I love a couple of glasses of wine, I enjoy cheese in moderation, I’ve even had potato chips and chocolate on occasion (shock horror!)  Sure these aren’t everyday or even every week foods but usually if I eat these, my diet has been blown and come Monday I’m a kilo heavier again and hating myself and the cycle starts.
Without realising it I’m adding more salad and veg to my diet and enjoying it.  I’m enjoying potato’s again and even a small serve of pasta!  I had pretty much banned those foods from my diet in the past.  I love that I can love food again : )

My Science Based System That Gives You Everything You Need
To Get Fasting & Completely Flip Your Health (And Body)

You Get;


* 3 x weekly LIVE video coaching lessons. It’ll be like you’re sitting in the classroom with me. Yes that’s right, unlike a lot of other online programs, in this one you actually get regular live access and help from your coach
* weekly LIVE Q & A’s.
* weekly accountability sessions
* Access to the community so you can ask questions, seek advice, share your struggles & celebrate your wins
* BONUS links to educational articles relevant to the whole process


FYI: This is not a program where you receive the information and are left to your own devices. The personal interaction and support is the secret to success.

The first live coaching lesson with full instructions for your first week will kick off on Saturday 16th June.

Don’t panic if you cant make it live, you will have permanent access to the replay.



Value – $67

Value – $67

Are you still a hesitatin’? Shifting foot to foot with the biggest burning question on your mind?

Here are 4 WTF questions most people ask

before taking the plunge into ‘I’m doing it land’

(and my ‘you’re totes doing it’ answers)


“How Hungry Will I Be?”
OK, this part blew my mind when I first started this program. You end up LESS hungry, not more. The fasting days reset your body’s natural hunger patterns when you do it properly. I know if sounds crazy, but I’ve seen it happen time and time again.
Most hunger comes from your mindset. We’re biologically programmed to seek out food. So when you put yourself in a state of lack, your brain kicks in to seek out the solution to ease the discomfort.
This program is training your brain & body out of that and into a new habit. We work with your mindset just as much as the mechanics of the 5:2 so your thinking & attitude changes towards food … making it easier to do.
So short answer, you’ll have some feelings of hunger. But usually it’s just from habit. You’ll notice that you feel less hungry after managing your mindset & finding other things to occupy yourself with.


“What If It Doesn’t Work?” 
Health is a lifelong journey of constant balance. I don’t push the ‘lose weight quick’ bs … because those people live a life of 12 week diets followed by 12 month binges. Now if that’s what you want, then we’re not suited to work together. So this process is about patience & easing into this lifestyle.
The more meticulous, calm & strategic you are, the faster your results … and the more likely you’ll succeed.
Also, you can ask me millions of questions via Facebook to seek further clarity & get support. And if you want to work with me further after the 4 weeks, the option’s there.


“I Don’t Know If I’ll Have The Time”
Because you’re only making changes on 2 days of your week, you actually need a lot less time than any other weight loss plan you will find. You’ll need to get a little organized on your fasting days in order to make things easier for yourself, but this usually runs on auto-pilot after you have 4 or 5 fasts under your belt.


“But Aren’t You Just Another Sleazy Snake Oil Sales(wo)man After My Money?”
No. You’re getting 20 years & $1000’s of education, study, teaching & life experience wrapped up in one low cost program. I’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to.
This is about investing in yourself for YOUR future & and I’ve created this program with you in mind. I’m not emotionally attached to whether someone does or doesn’t. I know the right people will invest in themselves. If that’s not you, that’s totally cool. And if that is you?


New course starts 18th June.

Short cut your entire learning process & get cracking on your health & rock hard body journey TODAY.

It’s time to make your health, body & life EASY to care for.