How to get MORE out of your exercise session

Does your exercise session earn INTEREST ???

When you put $1000, into a bank account that earns INTEREST….
It is now worth MORE than the original amount.
Your $1000 has now turned into $1080 (example only)
move more, eat well, exercise smarter

The same is true of certain exercise sessions.

Some exercise sessions stop working when you stop.
Example. You do a 45 minute cardio session where you can hold a conversation the whole time (comfort zone).
You might burn 400 calories in that time and maintain (not improve) your current fitness level. Not bad.
You can do a 45 minute session that uses and overloads ALL muscle groups, plus at certain times gets you huffing and puffing OUT of your comfort zone (you can only say a sentence, before you need to catch your breath).
You might burn the same 400 calories in that 45 minutes…

However, you earn INTEREST on this exercise session.

  •  You also build and improve all of your muscles (which looks great and increases your metabolism) – YAY
  •  You also INCREASE your fitness level because you went outside of your comfort zone – DOUBLE YAY
  •  You also continue to burn some calories AFTER the session due to EPOC. Excess Post Oxygen Consumption
    (which is a fancy way of saying, your body burns more calories to recover from your session ) TRIPLE YAY.

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