How to lose weight and NOT find it again

Can I ask you a question..

Have you ever lost weight only to put it all back on, PLUS MORE?

Maybe even on numerous occasions…

What a concept !! ūüėČ

  • AKA – The most boring and unsexy health and fitness message you will ever hear
  • AKA – That’ll never sell . (But it will work)
  • AKA – Skill-power not Will-power
  • AKA – What happens¬†AFTER the AFTER
  • AKA – How to avoid the dreaded weight RE-GAIN


But first a story

The tale of All or Nothing Allie and Moderate Mary.

Allie and Mary decided they wanted to lose some weight

They went about it very differently

All or Nothing Allie said to herself…

“No more bread, chocolate, wine for me.
Salad, veggies¬†and protein only¬†.. ¬†and I must exercise¬†at least an¬†hour every day”

Allie’s new weight loss program looked and felt nothing like her regular routine. She changed¬†everything.

Allie followed a fancy meal plan that included foods and meals that she would never normally eat¬†(and didn’t particularly like). She ate the¬†meals and the amounts on the plan,¬†she ate them at¬†the times she was told.¬†Allie was determined to follow the plan to a T.

She was determined to lose the weight!!

** Important NOTE РAllie will lose weight on this plan because she unknowingly creates a CALORIE DEFICIT, not because of the fancy food list or timing of meals etc. 


Moderate Mary made small changes…

* Breaky

  • swapped 2 pc toast with honey, plus an apple juice
  • for 1pc toast with eggs,¬†mushrooms and tomatoes,¬† plus an apple
  • = saving of 200 calories AND kept her fuller AND increased protein (so she doesn’t lose¬†muscle) AND increased fibre AND reduced her blood sugar spike and subsequent crash¬†

* Lunch

  • swapped her local food court takeaway meal deal
  • for a tin of tuna, packet salad on a small bread roll (still easy and convenient)
  • = saving of 300 calories AND increased nutrients AND saves her money

* Dinner

  • swapped her big bowl of pasta and olive oil
  • for smaller bowl of pasta with some lean mince, zoodles and half the oil
  • = saves 300 calories AND increases protein, nutrients, fibre and flavour

* Extra’s –

  • swaps 3 glasses of wine to relax after dinner
  • for 1 and half glasses of wine mixed with soda water
  • = saving of 200 calories AND better liver function

* Movement

  • adds a 30 minute walk at lunch time
  • = increased calorie burn of 100 calories per day AND¬†better mood and energy levels.

Mary consumed 900 less calories per day with these simple swaps AND burnt 100 more calories by adding a lunch time walk.

** These are what we call #NBD swaps (No Big Deal Swaps) in my coaching program

Mary still enjoys bread, pasta and wine, albeit a little less than before. Her new plan has changed from her previous routine for sure, but it still feels pretty normal to her.

It’s a plan she can envision herself continuing for life.

6 weeks passes…

All or Nothing Allie has lost 6kgs !!

She is so happy and proud of herself.
She feels like she has SMASHED her goal.
Boy its been hard work, but so worth it


Allie now only knows either her old way of overeating, or her new way of extreme restriction.
Nothing in between

Moderate Mary has lost 3kgs

She hasn’t been perfect, but Mary¬†thinks of the journey as a way to practice her new skills and habits.

In DIET culture it looks like Allie was a huge success

She may even have some cool before and after pics…

(You know what’s coming next don’t you)

6 months down the track ..

All or Nothing Allie feels so exhausted and restricted that she rebounds back to her old ways (Remember she only knows 2 options РALL or NOTHING).

She puts on all the lost weight PLUS MORE.

Moderate Mary has lost another 5kgs. That’s an 8kg loss in total over 6 months.

She continues to view her journey as a way to “practice new skills”



Mary finds it (relatively) easy and part of her regular routine.

So the answer to the original question…

How to lose weight and NOT find it again??

Make the changes you are happy and willing to adopt long term.

** Read that again.


After all, weight loss happens when we burn more calories than we consume each week (calorie deficit). You can achieve that in the easiest way possible with the least amount of disruption to your regular routine .


The best diet is the one you don’t know you are on


But Chriss, I have tried small changes, it didn’t¬†work…

**Some places where moderation goes wrong

  • 1 ) Over estimating your extra calorie burn (walking, moving, exercising) and Underestimating calories¬†consumed (eating and drinking). You will always get more BANG for your weight loss buck by reducing calories IN compared to increasing your calories OUT.
  • 2 ) Rewarding or compensating for a good choice, by making¬†a poor choice
  • 3 ) Unrealistic expectations , and giving up too soon.
  • 4 ) If you were on a path of over eating and weight gain (no matter how slowly), then these small changes may simply result in a slowing down or halting of weight gain, not actual weight loss.This is a good thing and should be viewed as a positive.

Practice some small changes and enjoy the halt in weight gain, then add some more positive steps when you feel ready.

See, I told you it was boring and unsexy

* Eat and drink less calories (but not necessarily less food ), whilst staying as full as possible.
* Burn more calories via moving more and / or exercising in a way that you enjoy.

Nah… That’ll never work

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