Mindfulness made simple

The 6 mindfulness steps I took to finally tame my over thinking monkey mind



Step 1 – I became aware of my unconscious thoughts.

Those thoughts running continuously just beneath the surface. That annoying voice in my head that DID NOT SHUT UP. I listened in, I held the thoughts up to the light.

At first this FELT like it made things worse.

I felt like there were more thoughts. More negative thoughts in particular. I wanted to shove them back down, but I persevered instead.

Just to be clear, the thoughts were ALWAYS there, I just wasn’t fully aware of them. They were definitely impacting my life. 

I couldn’t manage what I didn’t acknowledge.


Step 2 – I learnt that my thoughts are NOT ME

This is the most important step as far as I am concerned. This is the step that has been SO FREEING and life changing for me.

I am the blue sky
My thoughts and feelings are the weather

Separate to me

I don’t need to reason or rationalise with my negative thoughts any more.
I simply don’t take them so seriously.



Step 3 – I became aware of my unconscious feelings.


This may sound weird to some . 

Wasn’t I previously aware when I was sad, mad, scared etc?? 

I really wasn’t 

My feelings were controlling my actions. Causing me to procrastinate , to avoid uncomfortable situations , to clam up instead of speaking up for myself.   Yet I wasn’t even aware this was all happening .

I was running on auto pilot.

Step 4 – I learnt that I am not my feelings either

I am not sad (or mad, scared, angry, anxious etc).

I FEEL those things. 


Just like my thoughts, my feelings are separate to me.


I can feel them and let them pass through me. My feelings cannot damage me. 



Step 5 – I finally learnt to allow and accept all of my thoughts and feelings. 

Knowing they are normal human behaviour and knowing they cant damage me.  Actually let me clarify… I am still learning how to do this.

This is the hardest step for me. Hard, but SO WORTH IT .




Step 6 – I practice grounding techniques + I spend more time in the present moment.

Instead of getting caught up in the future (to do list) or past.  Doing this is like a mini re-boot for my over-thinking brain.


Learning these MINDFULNESS skills has completely changed my life. 

I call myself a recovering over thinker. 

I am so passionate, that I became fully trained and qualified as a mindfulness coach. Now I teach others how to manage their minds so that they can also live their best life. 

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