My honest review of Youfoodz – healthy meal delivery service

Youfoodz is a healthy food delivery service that does all of the planning, preparing and cooking for you.

As you know I am a food, fitness and fat loss coach, however I am also a very lazy cook. These meals are ideal for those times when I just couldn’t be bothered cooking anything and I would otherwise be tempted to grab take away.

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Below I’ll lay out a list of pro’s and cons of Youfoodz.

Things I love

They do all the preparing, planning and cooking for you.

Captain Obvious I know.

There was once a time when I would feel guilty around paying someone to do this, but then I realised its no difference to paying a café or fast food joint to do the same.

Guilt = eased.

Easy and convenient

One of the strategies I teach my fat loss coaching clients is SKILLPOWER not WILLPOWER.

Optimising my environment, making healthy meals easy and unhealthy meals inconvenient is SO MUCH EASIER than relying on willpower.

I am way more likely to eat a healthy meal if its sitting right there in my fridge.

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The meals are delicious

Truly. It makes sense that they are so popular. They are SO yummy.

My favs are the salmon and mash with balsamic glaze, anything Mexican flavoured, satay chicken and the lasagne.

The meals are calorie controlled / no guess work

Unlike when you grab a meal from a café or fast food joint, these meals are all balanced and calorie controlled. As we know, weight management is all about calories IN vs OUT. So this aspect is ideal for anyone watching their weight.

The meals are filling

Its one thing to be calorie controlled, but if the meals don’t keep you full its pointless. You will be hungry again in an hour and end up over eating.

The youfoodz meals I have tried have kept me full and satisfied for hours.

Healthy and balanced

If you have followed me for any length of time, you will know I’m a huge fan of the portion plate guidelines.  One handful of protein, one handful of carbohydrate rich food and lots of veg. Most of the Youfoodz meals contain a nice balance of all 3 macronutrients.

There are a few without vegetables, like the lasagne. I add an easy packet salad to mine for fibre and crunch.


Other similar services choose the meals you receive for the week. I hate that. One of the best things about Youfoodz is the amount of choice and control you get.

You can choose to replace most of your weekly meals with Youfoodz meals, or like I do, simply use them every now and then in those times when I am otherwise tempted to grab take away for lunch.

Things I’m on the fence about…


The meals are $9.95 each. You can get a FREE meal with your delivery HERE . So that brings the overall price down slightly.

Could you make your own healthy meal for less than that?  Of course. But you couldn’t get someone else to plan, prepare and cook a healthy meal for you for much less than that.

There was a time when I felt a little guilty about not making my own meals. I have gotten over that now. Now I’m fine with paying a bit more for a professional to do it. I mean I could cut my own hair or paint my own house, but its a MUCH better option to pay for an expert do it.

Things I don’t love

The “treats, snacks and drinks”

This is purely a personal standpoint. I never buy healthified treats, desserts, or drinks. I would much rather have a small serve of the real deal. But feel free to make your own decisions there.

Having too many

Personally I would not like to replace too many of my meals with pre-packaged options. All meals are hot, sometimes I like a cold, fresh, crunchy salad or sandwich.

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