Quick Fit Tip – Alcohol

Alcohol –  – Can it fit into your weight loss plan?


Alcohol and how to count it

I admit it. I don’t mind a drink or 2. However I certainly don’t kid myself. I know that it doesn’t help with my fat loss plan. I know that it adds calories with no nutritional purpose at all.

If you are going to enjoy a glass of alcohol in your plan, you will need to eat less of other foods to compensate. You need to know how to count it and how to manage it into your day.


Before I start…

I am about to get technical with counting grams of this and that. If you prefer to keep it really simple, please scroll to the bottom of the page for a super practical tip on how to include alcohol in your plan.


Please count one standard drink as 10 grams of carbs. Example –  one nip (standard size serve) of vodka is to be counted as 10 grams of carb in your daily total.

One nip of  any straight spirit contains approx. 70 calories in case you were wondering.

vodka nutrition label
Taken from CalorieKing.com


However,  if the drink contains alcohol PLUS carbohydrates,  then you need to count both.

Let me explain  –

  • Most schooners of beer contains  1.5 standard drinks (check the label of your favourite brand of beer)
  • You need to count that as 15 grams of carbs.
  • AND  it ALSO contains 9 grams of carbs.  You need to add that too.
  • Total count = 24 grams of carb to count for each schooner of regular beer. Which is about the same as 2 slices of bread.
beer nutrition label
Taken from CalorieKing.com


** Side note –  What happens if you switch to low carb beer?

You still need to count 15 grams carbohydrate (that comes from the alcohol. 10 grams x 1.5 standard drinks), plus 5 grams of carbs (approx.)

Bringing your total count for that low carb beer to 20 grams of carb. (Not much of a saving as far as I am concerned)


I am picking on beer, but the same would apply for wine  and any other alcohol that contains carbs AS WELL as alcohol. Especially those mixed with juice or soft drinks.

Check www.calorieking.com.au for carb content in your choice of drink.

Also see Susie Burrells top 5 lighter alcohol choices

alcohol equals bread no logo

How to keep it super simple and practical

Listen, I don’t expect you to count every single gram of everything that goes into your mouth. To keep it super simple, please know that you can consume 2 glasses of alcohol OR the carb portion of your meal.

Example –

  • You can have chicken, salad and potato
  • OR
  • Chicken, salad and wine
  • Not both

Obviously the potato will keep you fuller, is healthier for you and provides nutrients. Of course I don’t want you to make this swap all of the time, but I am a realist. I want you to know how it can fit into your day without ruining your weight loss plan.