Have you ever wished you had an OFF switch for your mind?

Or at least a volume switch to turn down the negative and exhausting mental chatter ?


Learning the skills, tools and techniques of mindfulness can help you achieve a calmer, happier, more confident mind.

I would love to invite you to Moorebank Mindfulness circle.

A weekly mindfulness circle to deeply connect back in with yourself and others. To learn the skills of mindfulness so you can stop over thinking and start living your best life. 

A sacred, welcoming space to be heard, seen and supported without judgement.


"Mindfulness training is like a fitness session for your brain"

Each mindfulness session may include...

– Grounding exercises – to calm and still your busy mind
– Short and simple guided Meditations
– Short and simple moving meditations
– Practical and useful mindfulness lessons, tools and techniques
– Self Care Rituals
– Relaxation exercises and techniques
– Sharing with the group (if you feel inclined)
– Intuition exercises – including Oracle cards
– Simple and practical homework exercises
– Journalling
– An ongoing closed FB group to support you throughout the week.

– – – 

When – Saturdays  8.45am – 10am. 

 – Wednesday mornings – coming soon 

Where – Moorebank (exact location supplied upon joining)

Why – To fill your self-care tank for the week, connect with like-minded people  + learn loads of practical mindfulness techniques you can use anytime

Cost – $224 for 8 week term or $35 per session (bookings essential)

Why learn from me?

Great question.
First of all, I am completely passionate and obsessed with this work and helping others to get out of their head and into their life.

I was once an anxious over-thinker. My mess became my message when I finally got fed up with it all and dedicated myself to mastering my mind.

I immersed myself in the study of mindfulness and went on to become a fully qualified mindfulness and meditation coach with the Gawler Foundation. I have studied Acceptance Commitment Therapy with the renowned Russ Harris.
I use all of these modalities on myself and my clients EVERY DAY, because they are so life changing.

I have taught many others how to go from anxious and stressed to calm and confident.


Now I want to share these teachings with you so you can live your best life.

Free from all the life draining mental chatter.
A way towards a calm and peaceful mind.



Next 8 week term starts July 17th 2021.


A. You will feel more at peace, calm and have more energy. You will be better equipped to handle the stresses in your everyday life. You won’t be exhausted from your excessive thinking. You will learn how to detach from your negative thoughts and feelings, knowing those things are separate to you, NOT YOU.
You will feel connected and supported by the other circle members.

A. Meditation is a small component of this program. It’s a complete self-care immersion. Plus, I will teach you the what, why, where and how of meditation so you can finally get the hang of it.

You don’t have to do anything. Just sit and take it all in if that’s what you prefer. However, if you would like to share your story that’s welcome too.


A. No. But I have found that it works really well with people who are in therapy.

A. No, it’s based on science and facts. Mindfulness helps people from all walks of life. Many celebrities, elite sports and business people use mindfulness and meditation to improve their performance. It has been shown to change your brain, making you better equipped to deal with everyday stresses.

A. No. The sessions are conducted seated in comfy chairs in a relaxed, friendly setting.

3 steps

Step 1. 

Contact Chriss today, to book your first session
send me a message over on my Facebook page. 

Or email –  Chriss@ChrissTinslay.com

Or call 0408 419 832


Step 2. 

Attend your first mindfulness session to experience the
benefits for yourself


Step 3. 

Achieve a calmer, happier, more confident mind.



Kind words from Mindfulness Circle Members 

What could be better than starting the weekend in a beautiful, supportive environment with other gorgeous souls on a similar journey.  A time and place where you can laugh, cry, share, relax, care, meditate and connect. 

Fill your self care tank, ready for the week ahead.

Contact Chriss today, to get started


0408 419 832