15 weight loss affirmations that work

An affirmation is a word or sentence that you say to yourself over and over. Eventually you start to believe the thing you are telling yourself.

More often than not, that belief turns into a reality, after all you become what you believe about yourself.

You probably already have an affirmation of sorts, but the question is… How’s it working for ya? (Thanks Dr Phil).

weight loss affirmations

Do you tell yourself any of the following?

  • I am fat
  • I am lazy
  • I’m too old
  • I can’t do that
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I’m not good enough
  • It’s too hard


Cut that crap out !!

It’s time to start being nice to yourself and putting in some positivity. If you are going to talk to yourself, wouldn’t you rather put in an uplifting message?

Below are a list of health, fitness and weight loss affirmation’s that you can try next time one of those negative thoughts enters your mind.


  • I am strong, fit and confident

  • I cannot fail, I can only learn

  • I am improving every day

  • I weigh __ kgs

  • My favourite jeans are comfy and loose

  • I am losing body fat every day

  • I love being physically fit and it helps me in reaching my ideal weight

  • I love eating healthy food

  • I love moving my body

  • I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone sometimes

  • I love myself and I deserve to treat myself well

  • My metabolism rate is working at is optimum level and it helps me reach my ideal weight

  • I am grateful for this strong body and all that it can do and has achieved

  • I breathe energy and confidence into my body

  • I am burning fat as an energy source all of the time

  • Feel free to choose your own or combine 2 of them together


Affirmation TIPS.

  • Write your affirmation down and put it somewhere you will see often. Wallet, handbag, car, office, bathroom mirror
  • Set an affirmation alarm / reminder on your phone or computer
  • Change your passwords to your affirmation, that way you will be reminded every time you have to log in
  • Ensure that your affirmation lifts you up and makes you FEEL empowered. If you get a feeling of “uggghhh, you big fat liar”, when saying your affirmation, then its the wrong one for you. Keep trying until you find something that feels good
  • Design a simple image with your affirmation and use it as your screen saver
  • Check in with it after a while to see if you have out grown in and need a new one
  • Wear a piece of jewellery or even tattoo (if your game) as a constant reminder


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