What do batteries and whipped cream have to do with losing weight?

Do you want to “lose “weight” ??

I put the “weight” part in quotation marks for a reason. When you step on the scales and the number has changed, it could be because of a variety of factors. Body fat, lean muscle, fluid. Remember what you really should be focussing on is losing excess body fat (visualise some fluffy whipped cream). Ideally this should happen whilst preserving lean muscle mass (visualise hard and small batteries).

We want to preserve our muscles (batteries) because they are useful. They keep us strong, they help us move, they burn energy and they look good.
whipped cream and batteries fat muscle

Losing 10 kg of weight on the scales is not ideal if…

half of the lost weight came from muscle.
5 kg of excess body fat lost
5 kg of muscle lost
= 10 kg weight loss on scales
Your metabolism will go down, you will look smaller but flabbier and you will lose some strength. (Boo)

On the other hand…

You may lose 6kgs on the scales, but in reality you 
Lost 8kg of excess body fat (yay)
Put ON 2 kgs of useful muscle (double yay)
= 6kg weight loss on scales
This means that you look more shapely and firm, you are stronger and your metabolism has increased slightly.
Meaning that keeping the weight off long term becomes easier.

Tips to help you lose excess body fat whilst preserving muscle

  1. Burn more calories than you consume each day or each week (this is the only way that weight loss happens). 
  2. Consume adequate protein
  3. Perform resistance training 3 x week (short effective sessions are fine). 


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