What have fake friends got to do with healthy eating?

What is worse?  An honest enemy or a fake friend ??

image sourced from www.mcdonalds.com.au
image sourced from www.mcdonalds.com.au

If you are like me, you would agree that a fake friend is much worse.

I view the major fast foods chains, (McDonalds, KFC etc.) as honest enemies. The same goes for chocolate bars, soft drinks, greasy take-away joints, lollies, pies, cakes etc.


Because we are well aware that they are not great for us, we normally limit our consumption, or adjust the rest of our meal plan accordingly (hopefully 🙂 )


You can think of honest enemies like school yard bullies. You know you shouldn’t hang out with them, but every now and then they might throw some friendly conversation your way (or a salad option) and you get sucked in for a little while.

However,  it doesn’t take long til you realise that they are no good for you and you distance yourself once again.


I have much more of a problem with Fake Friends…

They disguise themselves as healthy and good for you, but they have an ulterior motive.

I view most of the following products as FAKE FRIENDS.

  • most packaged foods that are marketed as low fat or low calorie, such as muesli bars and rice crackers  – usually with little to no nutrients
  • most fruit juices   – including Boost juice. Did you know that a regular size low fat banana smoothie has as many calories as a Big Mac
  • a lot of low fat yoghurts and sweets
  • some “clean eating” treats and desserts
  • Nutella
Image from Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine
Image from Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine

** Side note.  I don’t think that eating sugar is a problem.  I think that eating TOO MUCH sugar is a problem. (or eating too much of anything really).   You can read my thoughts HERE


Fake Friend foods are sneaky. Because of misleading marketing messages, they lead you to believe that they have your best interests at heart. But in reality they are not much different from honest enemy foods and should be eaten in moderation.

reading food labels


***  I believe that ALL foods can fit into a balanced plan, including all of the foods I have listed above.

However, these manipulative marketing messages can sway us to believe that “more is better” and lead us to over consume items that probably should be considered a treat food and kept to a minimum.

This can be a big mistake, especially if fat loss is your goal. 



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