Hi there, I’m Chriss.Chriss Tinslay

I have been a Personal Trainer and fat loss coach for 20 years. I love nothing more than giving back and sharing what I have learnt over that time with those who are eager to learn, grow and improve.

I have helped 1000’s of people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

I know that you are busy. I promise that I will not waste your valuable time with fluff and nonsense. I have so much I want to share with you and I promise to deliver that information in a clear, simple and useful way, so that you can put the knowledge into practice and starting making fitness and fat loss progress right now.


Below are some ways that I can help you in your fitness and fat loss journey.



1) Free weight loss video lesson

I have been a fitness and fat loss coach for over 20 years.  I have learnt a LOT of valuable information in that time and now I want to share it with you.

Recently I filmed a super simple Facebook Livestream lesson to explain how weight loss works. It was SUCH A HIT, I knew I had to get it out to help more people.



2) NEW – 4 Week Soup Slim-down

Starts 5th June 2016

4 Weeks to Soup Up,  Slim Down, Shape Up  and SIZZLE !!

Say NO to Winter weight gain.

Say YES to looking amazing in your jeans.

Imagine… This Winter,  instead of putting ON 3 or 4 kgs (like most people), you will be getting leaner, fitter, healthier and dare I say it HOTTER.

Slide on your winter jeans and boots with confidence.

Enjoy putting them on. Enjoy shopping for a new SMALLER pair.

Full details HERE


Healthy Habits for Weight Loss Success – Coming Sept 16

coaching with chriss white

A step by step habit change program where together we make small, sensible changes that will accumulate over time until you have completely transformed your body and life.

  • No fad diets
  • No excessive exercise
  • All food groups allowed
  • Weekly group video coaching with me included
  • Learn how to reach a healthy, happy weight and maintain it for LIFE

This is the program for you if you have done more diets and programs than you care to remember.

If you are finally ready to make a slow and sustainable lasting change.  If you want to empower yourself with knowledge, education and sensible steps, instead of searching for the next magic bullet.

>>> Healthy Habits for Weight Loss Success <<<



First steps to Fasting – Coming August 2016

Learn how to lose weight, get more energy and improve your fat burning hormones by eating less just 2 days per week.

Intermittent fasting is a protocol that has helped 100000’s people lose weight and improve their health. This online video coaching course will walk you through the protocol step by step.

I like to call this program an apprenticeship.

Allow yourself to be a beginner, learn new skills with the knowledge of an expert coach, be part of a group of friendly motivated people on the same journey as you and see how the fasting protocol can completely transform your body and your life.

This program is truly life changing.




Live and Local options.

@ Moorebank and Chipping Norton Lakes 


Outdoor Group Personal Training

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  • Every Saturday 8am at Chipping Norton Lakes
  • Tuesday 9.30am at Georges Fair park Moorebank. (school terms only)
  • Just $10 per session.

Call me on 0408 419 832 to book your first session.

or click HERE for more details.



 A little bit about me…

I have been a fitness and fat loss coach for over 20 years. I have made all of the mistakes and done all of the research, so that you don’t have to.

I believe in balance, not perfection. I believe in habit change, not diets.  I love champagne and hate green smoothies. I also love all things 80’s, Kath n Kim, Wonder Woman, my family, friends and my dog Timmy.

You can read my full credentials HERE including some surprising facts for a Personal Trainer.

You can read what others have to say about me HERE

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