How to eat MORE food and lose weight


how to eat more food

“You eat SO MUCH food !!  I don’t know how don’t put on weight.”

That was the comment that my good friend Netty said to me while we were holidaying together recently.


Netty and I
Netty and I

I can see Netty’s point. I am sure it does look like I eat a lot of food each day.  However, because I am calorie AWARE (not obsessive) and I am thoughtful with the foods I choose,   I actually eat less than you might guess.


You see the important factor in weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance is not so much about the volume of food, the weight of food, the frequency of food…  It’s about the amount of calories contained in the foods (and drinks) that you consume over your day and your week.

When you burn up more calories than you put in each day or each week, you will lose weight.

When you eat more calories than you burn up each day, you will put on weight.

  • Lets assume that you burn up 2500 calories per day.  ** See – How many calories do I burn each day
  • You would need to consume 2000 calories in order to lose half a kg per week (3500 calorie deficit per week )
  • 2000 calories is a lot of food….. IF YOU ARE SMART with your choices.
  • 2000 calories is NOT a lot of food if you choose low nutrient and / or high calorie options.

If you are not smart about your choices,  2000 calories can look like this…

breakfast 2000 calories
IHOP breakfast. 1990 calories

Or this…

single dish 2000 calories
Louisiana Chicken Pasta. 2370 calories

Or even this…

Large Peanut Butter Fudge Shake 2090 cals
Large Peanut Butter Fudge Shake 2090 cals


However with just a little thought and planning, 2000 calories can also look like this

healthy 2000 calories
This is somewhat similar to what my day looked like when I got the comment about me eating so much.

When you choose high nutrient, lower calorie foods,

you get to eat MORE food, you don’t get hungry  and your energy is high. 

** YAY  **

.*** All of the above images were sourced from a BRILLIANT article in the New York Times.

I urge you to view it HERE

Here is a 100 calorie comparison that I posted over on my Facebook page recently. Comparing 100 cals of rice crackers to 100 cals of chicken and green beans.  And the very different effects that each choice has on our body.

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