Weight loss vs Fat loss (what the scales don’t tell you)


 Sally and Betty wanted to lose 10kgs.

weight loss vs fat loss


Sally’s  exercise plan consisted of what is commonly known as “cardio” training. Treadmill, walking, jogging, cross trainer etc.  Things that really got her  “huffing and puffing”. Sally wanted to burn lots of calories to ensure that she burnt off the calories she  put in. She chose lots of “diet” low calorie foods.



Betty’s exercise plan included some resistance training. Betty included exercises such as  push ups, squats, tricep dips etc.

Betty worked and overloaded ALL of her muscles in each session. Betty didn’t worry about how many calories she burnt each session. She knew she was choosing “Exercise that earns Interest” .


12 weeks later, what happened?

Great news…

SUCCESS for both Betty and Sally.

Sally lost 10kgs (on the scales). YAY, she was so happy.

Betty lost 8kg (on the scales). Betty just missed the mark, but was more than happy with her result and the way she looked and felt.

Lets look a little deeper.



  • Lost 6kgs of body fat (yay)
  • Lost 1kg of fluid (this is normal)
  • Lost 3kg of muscle (boo)
  • Which equals a 10kg loss on the scales

Sally looks thinner that before, but her skin is a little saggy, her bum is a little flat. Not to mention that her metabolism has gone down  – meaning that she now needs to eat less in order to maintain her new weight.



  • Lost 9kg of body fat (yay)
  • Lost  1kg of fluid (normal)
  • Gained 2kg of muscle (double yay)
  • Which equals an 8kg loss on the scales

Betty looks thinner and leaner. Her muscles underneath the skin are firm and tight. Her bum is perky, her tummy is flat and waist is small. Betty’s  metabolism has increased (due to gaining 3kgs of lean muscle mass) – meaning that she can now eat more than Sally and still maintain her new weight and shape.


The after story….

Yes, you guessed it.

Sally regained most of the weight she had lost. She was hungry all the time and finally gave up and gave in to her hunger and cravings.

Betty continued on with her 4 short training sessions per week and healthy balanced eating plan and still looks and feels fabulous.


Important notes

The scales can be a useful tool when used in conjuction with measurement and photos. But they certainly are NOT the be all and end all that many people believe.


Cardio exercises do have a place in a successful fitness and fat loss program. Personally I love the feeling of getting a sweat up in a great cardio session.

However, please make sure to also include exercises that use and over load all of your muscle groups.

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