Weekend + Wrap Up

Weekend instructions –

Please make sure you plan, prepare and shop for the upcoming week.

You can and should relax a little with your eating plan over the weekend. That doesn’t mean you can completely pig out. If you have had a craving for a certain food during this week, please have a small serve of it over the weekend. Eat mindfully and truly savour the food.

** You can read some useful tips for how to survive the weekend HERE – 5 simple tips for weekend weight loss

Due to the fact that you will probably eat more calories than you need over the weekend, you will compensate by having one lower carb / lower calorie day (Fat Flush Day), somewhere in your upcoming week.

This is a simple balancing of your week, not a punishment.

Re-cap of this weeks instructions and lessons

  • Alcohol in its purest form contains no carbohydrate. However, I want you to count one standard drink as if it were 10 grams of carb. Then also count any carbohydrate contained in the drink as well.
  • Fibre keeps us full, slows down any blood sugar spike and cleans out our insides. Choose carbs with fibre wherever possible
  • Your meal plan should be starting to run on “auto-pilot” by now. If it is not, please take some time to do this
  • Quick, easy, convenient choices from the supermarket are fine every now and then.


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