Thursday – How to include treats

Thursday – How to include treats

Healthy nutrition

Weight loss day – 1.5gram of carb x body weight in kgs. 1.5kg x body weight in grams protein. Plus LOT’s of salad / veg.

Please feel free to split this up however suits your daily routine and hunger patterns best. If you are hungrier in the night, eat more then and less in the morning. If you are hungrier in the morning, then switch that around. Its the daily (and weekly) total that matters, not the timing of the meals.

Meal suggestions – Asian Chicken Salad – Yummo


Happy movement

No exercise today. Please aim to do extra movement today in whatever way you enjoy. Up to 2 hours extra movement or an extra 10,000 steps on your pedometer. Feel free to break this up into smaller time chunks.


HOT tip

Lose weight with housework – see blog post HERE


HOT lesson – How to include treats

THIS is one of my favourite lessons. 🙂

This is the point where I really want you to STOP viewing foods as “good” or “bad” and simply start asking yourself “How can I fit this food into my plan?”

Let me ask you this…

How do you feel if I tell you chocolate is bad. Chocolate makes you fat. You can never eat chocolate again. You can never eat chocolate if you want to lose weight.  **Feel free to insert your fave food if chocolate doesn’t do it for you.

I am guessing it doesn’t make you feel great. I might also take a guess that those comments actually make you think about and WANT chocolate more.

Here is a CRAZY idea. Instead of telling yourself that you can never have that food again, how about you just fit it into your fat loss plan and work around it??

Often just knowing that you CAN have something takes out some of the emotion. As weird as it sounds, this usually results in you eating less of it than when you viewed it as “off limits” or “bad”.

How do you fit it in?

Remember that I want most of your meals to look the portion plate mentioned way back in this video lesson.

I simply want you to include your “treat food” (I hate calling it that, but I haven’t come up with a better term as yet), with the carbohydrate portion of your meal.

Example (same as alcohol example)

You can have

  • Chicken, salad and potato
  • or
  • Chicken, salad and small portion of dessert
  • not both


Granted you probably wont be able to budget in a whole family block of chocolate, but you can definitely eat a small serve of chocolate (or whatever your favourite item is) and still LOSE WEIGHT !!


Q. Is a small serve of dessert going to keep you as full as the equivalent serving size from potatoes?

A. Probably not.

Q. Does it contain much fibre and other nutrients?

A. Probably not.

But that doesn’t mean that you cant eat it and fit it in to your day. If most of the other food that you are consuming does keep you full, contain fibre and lot’s of nutrients, then everything will balance out over the course of your day.

Here are some tips

  1. portion control is key. Buy smaller portions or portion out only what you want and put the rest out of reach
  2. keep it small – under 200 calories if possible, you are not having the treat to fill hunger, you are primarily having it for taste. Don’t try to fill hunger with a refined carbohydrate food. It won’t work.
  3. savour it – don’t eat mindlessly
  4. know that it won’t fill hunger and could possibly result in cravings and  hunger – plan and prepare for this. To be forewarned is to be forearmed
  5. drink water or green tea afterwards – for a sense of fullness
  6. be prepared for a small blood sugar / insulin crash / craving afterwards. Make sure your next meal is planned, prepared and  balanced.
  7. pick your time wisely – if you know you are always looking for something sweet at 8pm, don’t have your treat at 10am.
  8. ask yourself what other need you might be trying to fill. A treat wont fill boredom, stress, sadness anger etc.

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