Delay, distract and decide

10 ways to distract yourself from un-necessary snacking

Important – These tips are to stop yourself from eating when NOT hungry.

If you are hungry, then please eat a healthy balanced meal that contains all 3 macronutrients if possible (protein, fat and carbs)


  • Delay for 10 minutes
  • Distract yourself with something that keeps your mind and / body busy
  • Decide if you still want to snack. Its Ok if the answer is yes, but I bet that a lot of times you realise you don’t actually need to


10 minute timer


Distraction ideas

1) Go for a walk. Even 5 minutes will help. Observe the things around you, the sounds, sights, smells etc. Use all of your senses.  Thoughts outside head instead of focussing on the thoughts inside head.

walking Timmy

2) Get busy with your hands. Give yourself a manicure, knit or colour in.


3) Have a mint, green tea or brush your teeth. There is something about changing the taste in your mouth that can alleviate a craving.

eclipse mints



4) Watch an inspiring Youtube clip . Like this awesome playlist


5) Call a friend, write a letter or make a connection somehow


6) Meditate with an app called SMILING MIND (takes 5 minutes)


7) Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, pick a small space that needs cleaning up and get started. Make a game with yourself to see how much of a difference you can make in such a short amount of time. Don’t forget to admire your efforts and give yourself a pat on the back

house cleaning for weight loss 7


8) Play a game on your phone. Something that uses concentration . Tetris is apparently great for alleviating cravings


9) Have a drink of water, green tea or regular tea or coffee with only a tiny splash of milk (not too often)

tea and water


10) Do 20 star jumps (or any simple exercise).  This is not about “earning your food” or burning calories.  Its simply a way to change your physical state.

Alternatively, you could try the complete OPPOSITE strategy.

Instead of distracting yourself,  you could put MORE focus inwards. MORE focus on your thoughts, feelings and self talk. You could investigate what need you are really trying to fill with food.

More on this is a future blog post

I would love to hear from you…

What tips can you suggest to distract yourself from eating or drinking when not hungry?

delay distract decide