Emptying the tank


You are only ever in the fed or fasted state.
If you have enough food (calories) in your system, then the body will use those for energy.

Using food / drinks for energy is a good thing of course…


If weight loss is your goal, then you need to have some periods during your week where you have an empty tank, so that your body will need to use up some of its reserve stores (excess body fat) for it’s energy source.

If you have lost weight over the past few weeks, then you already have this covered. (Yay you). If you have not lost weight and you want to kick it up a notch,  this weeks habit might be for you.

I want you to have 1 or 2 lighter calorie days in your week.

I like to call these Emptying the tank days.  (Formally known as fat flush days if you have done my past programs)

Reminder  – We need 2 things to achieve weight loss.

  • 1) burn up more calories than you consume each day or each week (7000 calorie deficit = approx 1kg weight loss)
  • 2) get enough protein so that the lost weight comes from fat and not muscle

Having 1 or 2 lighter calorie days is a protocol that may help you achieve your weekly 7000 calorie deficit

Instructions for your lighter day/s

  • Aim to eat between 500 – 1200 calories (females) 800 – 1500 calories (males) on your lighter day. Make sure you include protein and veg. Remember we are not aiming for perfection, anything lighter than a regular day is considered a win.
  • Split it up however best fits your day and your hunger / energy patterns, however personally I find it much easier to eat 2 or 3 meals over a shorter period of time, than to have 5 tiny meals split up over 12 hours.


  • Lots of water and some black or herbal tea and coffee helps.
  • I recommend trying a higher calorie target range when you first try this protocol and  lowering it if and when you feel you can
  • On your regular days please eat as if the lower calorie day never happened. Don’t over compensate or reward yourself.
  • Most people do this on a movement day, not an exercise day. But if you have no problem with exercising then, that’s fine too. Test both out. Don’t assume, you may be surprised
  • Because you are consuming less food and calories over your week, it is even MORE important that you ensure you get all of your nutrients during your eating days. Particularly protein and vegetables.


  • Choose whatever days fit in with your routine best. A good night sleep helps a LOT. Personally I have no hope of doing a light day if I haven’t slept well


  • I like to eat veggie soup on my lighter days. I make up a big pot and freeze portion sizes for the future. Its low in calories and high in nutrients.



  • To educate yourself in regards to when you are truly hungry compared to habit / emotional eating. Carry this learning on to all other days. *** This is my personal favourite benefit, I realise that so much of what I eat is out of habit or boredom.
  • To lower your daily insulin production (get out of growth mode)
  • Calorie restriction to assist you in arriving at your weekly calorie deficit.
  • Stop the obsessing about each small meal. Get on with some of your day without thinking about food all of the time.
  • Hunger control. As crazy as it sounds, some people find it easier to not eat at all during a period of the day, than to limit their portions. This hunger control seems to overflow onto eating days also. Many people report eating less on all days due to what they have learnt about hunger vs emotional reasons for eating.
  • Create freedom from the “eat every 3 hours” programming
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased growth hormone
  • Improved insulin sensitivity (HUGE benefit)
  • Calorie awareness – calorie counting can be a pain in the butt. But becoming calorie aware is truly one of the best and most important things you can do for yourself and your weight management.


For those of you who think it is impossible to go without food (shorten your eating window) for a period of time. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I am someone who eats ALL the time. And I have found that the thought of a lighter calorie day is much worse than actually doing it.

Give it a go and see for yourself.

Who should not try this protocol..

    • Anyone with medical issues and / or on medications  – check with your Doctor first
    • Anyone with prior eating disorders (particularly restriction)  or emotional issues with food
    • Anyone with low blood sugar issues – again check with your Doctor
    • Pregnant or breast-feeding
    • Kids – they are still in the growth stage
    • Anyone already underweight
    • Anyone who is already losing weight

Who should not continue with the protocol..

  • Anyone who feels restricted, deprived, stressed or obsessive about it.
  • Anyone who has a rebound effect and ends up eating more or bingeing
  • Anyone who feels unwell,  light-headed  or low in energy
  • Anyone who feels it hinders their weekly goal of a calorie deficit rather than helping the goal (by eating a lot more on regular days)
  • Anyone who feels like this protocol might result in them severely restricting calories on all days (eating disorder)


If you decide that this protocol is not for you, try this instead.

When you get that first niggle of hunger and you might normally reach for a snack, please aim to hold off eating for 10 – 30 minutes or so and have a glass of water.If you can extend your fat burning window – you will achieve improved fat loss results.  

Also it teaches you that a little bit of hunger is OK. Hunger is NOT an emergency. Hunger actually improves the enjoyment of your food. Always aim to be  “fairly hungry” before you eat. Stop eating when satisfied, not full.

What about skipping breakfast? Isn’t that the most important meal of the day?

It is impossible to skip breakfast. Any meal that “breaks the fast” is breakfast, even if its at 1pm (example)

Discussed in full detail here – Metabolism myths and facts

Further recommended information / reading


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