Week 5 – Instructions and meal suggestions

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A message from Chriss…

We are only ever in the fed state or the fasted state.

What that means is that we either have food in our system that we can run off, or we don’t.

We are in the fed state after we have eaten a meal. We might be in that state for 30 minutes if we have only consumed a small snack or a coffee or similar. Or we can be in the fed state for hours and hours after we have eaten a huge meal.

We don’t burn stored body fat whilst we are in the fed state because we don’t need to, the body prefers to use the food for fuel.

This is a good thing, we obviously need food for fuel.

When we have burnt up all of the food in our body, we enter the fasted state. When we stay in this state for a little while, we switch to burning stored body fat as energy.

If we can hold off eating for a little while upon the first signs of hunger, we will burn some body fat. The trick is not to let yourself get ravenous and end up binge eating. However, if you have a healthy, balanced meal planned and organised, this is much less likely to happen.

We are normally in our longest period of the fasted state, whilst sleeping. So even if you have not stretched out your hunger (as above) you will still burn body fat during your overnight fast, as long as you have not over-consumed calories during the day.

Some people never actually enter the fasted state, they put in so much food / calories during the day, that they are never actually “empty”.


*** this is a simplified view of a complicated subject.

I hope this simple explanation is enough to have the information “sink in”.