10 things a Personal Trainer want you to know about exercise


Hi there, 

I’m Chriss Tinslay. I’ve been a fitness and fat loss coach for 20+ years. Here are some of the facts I would like to tell all of my new clients to exercise.

1) You don’t need to do it for an hour to get the benefits.

Even 10 minutes of effective exercise can work all of your muscle group, increase your fitness and make you feel great.


2) Exercise alone is a very ineffective way to lose weight.

Most females need to add 14 hours of exercise to lose 1kg. (7000 calorie deficit)


3) For best results please to include both cardio fitness and resistance training

  • Huff and puff (increase fitness)
  • Use your muscles (which increases your metabolism, makes you stronger and looks good)



4) You cant lose body fat from one specific area of your body.

Every minute you spend wasting your time trying to burn fat from one specific area of your body (spot reduce), is a minute you could be spend on something that does actually work


5) Exercising outside your comfort zone = Improvements

If you are not working outside of your comfort zone (even just a little bit) then you are working on maintenance, not improvement.   (hint, if you can have a conversation the whole time you are in comfort zone). Don’t get me wrong, maintaining your fitness is a whole lot better than most of the population who’s fitness is getting worse by not exercising at all.


6) Toning up means losing some body fat (via a calorie deficit) and building some lean muscle (via resistance training)

Body fat cannot turn to muscle, muscle cannot turn to fat.
(When you shave your legs, you don’t turn your hair into skin, they are two separate and different parts of you)


7) Timing of the exercise session does not make any difference to the average person.

Just do it when it best fits your week.


8) More intensity = more results. (Forget about the fat burning zone)

However, please make sure you build up the intensity over time  and allow adequate rest and recovery


9) You do not need a gym or fancy equipment to get a great workout.

Your body is the best peice of fitness equipment you will find


10) There are so many choices.

Keep searching until you find something you love

Chriss – your online fitness and fat loss coach.

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