Thursday – Diet vs Exercise for weight loss. What works best

Thursday – Diet vs Exercise

Healthy nutrition

Weight loss day – 1.5gram of carb x body weight in kgs. 1.5kg x body weight in grams protein. Plus LOT’s of salad / veg.

Please feel free to split this up however suits your daily routine and hunger patterns best. If you are hungrier in the night, eat more then and less in the morning. If you are hungrier in the morning, then switch that around. Its the daily (and weekly) total that matters, not the timing of the meals.

Meal suggestions – Susie Burrell’s chicken and pumpkin stir-fry. Delicious.


Happy movement

No exercise today. Please aim to do extra movement today in whatever way you enjoy. Up to 2 hours extra movement or an extra 10,000 steps on your pedometer. Feel free to break this up into smaller time chunks.


HOT tip – MOVE more

Set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour or so to remind you to get up and MOVE.


Hot lesson – Diet vs Exercise

diet vs exercise fram

Case study from a friend of mine Fiona.

Fi lost 6kg in 8 weeks with NO change to her nutritional plan and NO exercise.

THAT got your attention didn’t it?

Fiona got a part time job as a waitress.
She swapped 25 (mostly) sitting hours per week,  for 25 moving hours per week. In her words she was “run off her feet”. Fi also watched her diet to make sure that she did not compensate (eat more) for her added movement.

This extra movement caused Fi to go into a calorie deficit (remember, that’s how all weight loss works).

She continued to consume 1800 calories per day, that part didn’t change. But now with all of the extra movement, Fi burnt 2500 calories per day.

This case study drives home the point that even though its possible to lose weight without changing your eating plan, it takes a LOT of movement. In Fiona’s case 25 extra hours per week to lose just under 1kg.

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Also see –   THIS fantastic article on diet vs exercise. So many gems included.

I particularly like this passage from the above article…


People are horrible estimators of calories in vs. calories out.

Take a look at another study, this one in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, in which researchers asked the subjects to exercise, estimate their caloric expenditure, and then took them to a buffet afterwards. Subjects were asked to consume the amount of food that they believed they burned in calories. (Sidenote: Where can I sign up for one of these?)

The subjects ended up eating 2-3 times the amount of calories that they burned.

The takeaway from all of this information is that calorie expenditure doesn’t count for much, and human beings are generally terrible at estimating both expenditure and intake.