Wednesday – How hard should I exercise?


Healthy Nutrition

Weight loss day – 1.5gram of carb x body weight in kgs and the same for protein, plus LOT’s of salad / veg.

Please feel free to split this up however suits your daily routine and hunger patterns best. If you are hungrier in the night, eat more then and less in the morning. If you are hungrier in the morning, then switch that around. Its the daily (and weekly) total that matters, not the timing of the meals.


Happy Exercise

Today I want you to do any exercise session that A) gets you huffing and puffing out of your comfort zone and B) uses and overloads all of your muscle groups. You can choose an exercise session from the video instructions HERE, or you can do your own session as long as fits the criteria.


HOT tip – Are you giving it your all?

Time to check in with yourself. Have you let things slide? Are you still giving this program your all? What actions can you improve and tweak this week?

Hot lesson – exercise intensity

Are you exercising at the correct intensity?

The video workouts included in this program are all less than 40 minutes long.

You need to use all of your energy in that workout.

When you are finished your short workout, you should feel like you have given it your all. If you feel like you could keep working out for 10 more minutes, then you need to put more effort / intensity in your actual workout.

You can do this by focusing on perfect form, really squeezing and focusing on the muscles and really using the full range of movement. You can also do this by fitting more repetitions into the same time frame, or by taking less rest.

Or by just generally, being honest with yourself and asking “Is that the best you can do?”