Healthy Mexican dip recipe

I take this healthy Mexican dip to pretty much every party I attend. I always include lots of cut up fresh veggies to serve with it.

I am a sucker for party food. I often mindlessly and continuously eat whatever is in front of me. Which is usually not the best choice for weight maintenance and health.

If I am going to mindlessly eat, I might as well be snacking on fresh veggies with dip.

healthy mexican dip ingredients


  • Whole tub of 500gram tub of Pantalica smooth light ricotta ( I only like the smooth one )
  • One packet of taco seasoning powder
  • One tin of Mexican refried beans 99% fat free
  • Mix together in a large mixing bowl

I get 2 large serves of dip from the above amounts.

I put one half back into the empty ricotta tub so that my family and I can snack on it over the week. I spread the other half into a shallow serving dish that is at least the size of a dinner plate, if not bigger.

Top that mixture with the following..

  • diced tomatoes
  • a small amount of grated lower fat cheese
  • diced shallots  **TIP – Plant the bottom part of the shallots into a pot of soil,  water them regularly. They re-grow quickly and easily, ready for your next dip. 

Serve with lots of cut up fresh veggies.

Carrots, celery, beans, capsicum, cucumber, snow peas.


I used to take a packet of corn chips as well because I thought I “should” provide it.  I stopped doing that a while back and no-one complained. The dip and the veggies always get eaten and everyone is happy.

The dip itself is a little high in sodium, but this is a party food and I am pretty happy with eating it every now and then with my veggies.

I hope you will give it a try and take it to your next party too.



Chriss Tinslay

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