3 ridiculously simple steps to health and weight management

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3 simple steps to health and weight management


We sure do love to complicate stuff don’t we? Let’s strip things back to the (sensible) basics.

3 ridiculously simple steps for health and weight management

But first, a story

Recently I received a comment over on my Facebook page. From Michelle. She told me..

If I had never found your page I would have given up long ago. You taught me  that I don’t have to be “perfect”, drink kale smoothies and eat clean to lose weight and be healthy.  I can have balance.

I have maintained a 35 kg weight loss using your philosophy, Thank you for sensible, real world advice.

Michelle lost 35kgs and has kept it off long term using the exact strategies outlined below.  You can read her full INTERVIEW – HERE


Ok, back to the steps…


(Mostly) choose foods that keep you full.

  • eg. 500 calories (half a packet) of potato chips = fullness for 5 minutes
  • compared to…
  • 500 calories (large serve) of chicken, rice and lots of veg = fullness for (up to) 5 hours


You will need to become calorie aware (not obsessive) in order to do this.

I find that it helps to choose meals that contain all 3 macronutrients. Protein, carbs and fat. Just like my favourite Portion Plate Guidelines.

By choosing foods that keep you full,  you almost certainly will be choosing foods high in nutrients and that manage your blood sugar levels (without even having to focus on it)

This doesn’t mean you can never have chocolate, chips, wine or cake again,  just keep those things to a minimum and know that they wont keep you full for long.




Eat when fairly hungry. Stop when satisfied.


Obviously this is way easier said than done. For this to work, you will need to…

  • Eat mindfully and with minimal distractions in order to full register your food (brain / body connection)
  • Slow down your eating and take half-time breaks to check in if necessary
  • Know the difference between true stomach hunger vs eating / drinking to fill an emotional need
  • Determine and practice strategies to alleviate emotional eating
  • We discuss all of this extensively in my coaching programs 




Move often in whatever way you enjoy (maximise the 100+ hours you are awake each week)

This doesn’t necessarily mean exercise, simply being off your butt more will help.


Bonus step

Include 2 – 5 effective exercise sessions per week. This is considered the icing on the cake.

Also see – Everything you need to know about exercising for weight loss


Will these steps get you ripped and shredded, ready to step on stage in a string bikini?

Probably not.

But they should ensure that you reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

So often we forget about the maintaining part of weight loss. Its actually the most important part.


Would you like more coaching on this?

Even though this is everything you need to know for health and weight management…

Some people need a little bit more coaching, hand holding and step by step guidance.

I would love to coach you to change your habits for long term success (We do these 3 steps plus 7 more including mindset, stopping self sabotage, real world strategies and more)

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