The exact steps and advice I give MYSELF to get back into shape

If you have followed my website or Facebook page for any length of time, you will know that I am nowhere near perfect. I am just like everyone else.  Even though I am a trainer, that doesn’t make me superhuman (or a supermodel).

I can’t beat the law of physics.

  • I gain weight when I eat and drink more (calories) than I burn.
  • I lose weight when I burn more (calories) than I consume
  • ** That’s how ALL weight loss works in case you were wondering. Full explanation HERE, HERE and HERE.


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I am about to share with you the exact steps and advice I give MYSELF to get my butt back into shape.


Let me start by telling you some of the steps that I definitely do NOT take to lose weight and get in shape…

  • I don’t change my eating plan so much that it doesn’t look anything like my regular routine
  • I don’t ever do juice cleanses, detox or any other temporary quick fixes and fads
  • I don’t give up any food or food group. I love all foods way too much for that!
  • I don’t exercise everyday
  • I don’t exercise so intensely that I hate it
  • Basically I don’t do anything that will be a TEMPORARY SOLUTION

Steps I DO take to lose weight and get back into shape

As mentioned above,  for weight loss to happen I need to burn more calories than I consume each day or each week. The technical term for this is to create a calorie deficit.

In simple terms this means that I either need to eat less calories, burn more calories or a combo of both (ideal).

Here are some steps to help me do that…


1. Take stock of where I am right now

I take and record my waist measurement. I jot it down on the calendar and check in on it every 2 – 3 weeks.

I do this because want to lose excess body fat whilst preserving lean muscle mass. I know that sometimes the scales aren’t the best tool to measure that. When my waist measurement goes down I can be positive that I have lost some excess body fat.

Alternatively I might also take a close up selfie of me in my too tight jeans… again, noting the date and checking in regularly.

Perhaps even more important than taking stock of my physical state, is taking stock of my daily and weekly ACTIONS. After all, its the actions that got me to where I am in the first place


2. Improve my weakest link.

I know that I will get way more “return on investment” if I improve my weak points compared to if I improve something I am already doing OK at.

  • For me its mindless snacking on crunchy low nutrient foods such as rice crackers and chips.
  • And alcohol. Time to cut down… again.
  • **This doesn’t mean that I have to quit these things completely.

Read more here – Weakest Link

3. Get temptation foods / drinks out of easy reach and eyesight

Changing my environment is so much easier than relying on willpower.  Less chance to mindlessly snack on the salt and vinegar chips if they are not in the house.

Tips to make your changes easier

4. Lighten up my least hungry meal of the day

As previously discussed, I need to do 2 things in order to lose fat.

  • 1) consume less calories than I have been.
  • 2) burn more calories than I have been.

However I also know that I want to do it in the easiest way possible.

I can bulk up my least hungry meal of the day with low calorie / high nutrient salad and / or vegetables. I can also (somewhat) reduce the starchy carbohydrate portion.


Well it’s not because carbs are evil or automatically result in weight gain or any such nonsense. It is simply because half a plate of starchy carbs may contain 400 – 500 calories compared to half a plate of salad or veg which might contain 80 calories (example only)

5. Aim to eat a handful of protein rich food with each meal

I want to reduce the calories that I consume each day…

BUT I still need to make sure that I eat enough protein, so that I don’t lose lean muscle mass. PLUS protein has the added bonus of keeping me full and less likely to snack and eat more than I need.

6. Add in more movement that I enjoy

When I say “movement” I mean any time spent not on my butt.

I love walking and need no willpower to get myself to do it. I will add more walking in during my day. Its an easy way to burn more calories (compared to sitting).

However, I know that my eating plan is always Number  1 priority, but every little bit helps.

I will be careful not to compensate for my extra activity by resting or eating more than I normally would.

Read about how much added movement you really need to lose 1kg per week

7. Reduce calories from “low hanging fruit”


Does this mean I am going go eat less fruit?

No, what I mean is that I am going to reduce my calories from the easiest possible places. Less sauces and oils, no juices, soft drinks, fancy flavoured milk drinks (including fancy tea and coffee), things that make very little difference to my routine and quality of lifestyle. Things that I will hardly notice.

I call this #NBD changes  =   No Big Deal

8. Increase the intensity of my 3 X week exercise sessions

I already exercise 3 – 4 x per week with workouts that get me huffing and puffing AND use + overload all of my muscle groups.

I don’t feel the need to add in more quantity at this stage. BUT I know that I could exercise with a little more oomph and intensity. I have been kind of going through the motions of late.

What result will this have?

An OK exercise session might burn 400 calories per hour. A great workout might burn 500. That’s a extra 300 calories burnt per week (from my 3 sessions).

I know that I need to be in deficit 7000 calories to lose 1kg, so this extra 300 calories is a like a drop in the ocean.

Q. So why would I bother?

A. Exercising with a little more intensity will improve my hormones, fitness, strength, build a small amount more muscle which will give me a nice shape and slightly increase my metabolism.

However my favourite reason to exercise with more intensity is that it boosts my CONFIDENCE. This confidence boost flows over into all areas of my life including making better nutritional choices.

Read full article HERE >> Everything you need to know about exercising for weight loss

9. Feel as good about myself as possible

News Flash !!

Hating yourself into change rarely works for long term results.  I am going to do everything I can feel better about myself NOW, not after I have lost some weight. This may include choosing nice outfits, spending 5 extra minutes to put on some make up, saying positive affirmations, even taking flattering selfies (no one but me ever has to see them).

When I feel better about myself, I make better choices and take more positive action.

Look good >> Feel good >> Better choices >> Better actions >> Better results

10. Make myself accountable

This doesn’t work for everyone, but I have had good success with it.

I tell my BFF (Best Fitness Friend) Margaret what my weekly goal is and give myself a consequence if I don’t achieve it. My consequence is usually burpees. I HATE burpees with a passion.

Test it out for yourself to see if it works for you.

11. Surround myself with a team of supportive people on a similar journey

For example, the wonderful people enrolled in my COACHING PROGRAMS.  All committed to improving themselves whilst inspiring and motivating the others in the group. It is such a wonderful supportive environment and one that I am very proud to be a part of.

Full details HERE > > Coaching with Chriss