5 reasons why I love the portion plate guidelines

If you have followed my page and advice for any length of time, you will know that I LOVE the portion plate guidelines. They are so simple, realistic, effective and easy.

Recently I did a Facebook Live video lesson on the topic. You can view it below. I kept it super simple and actionable.

5 Reasons why I love the portion plate guidelines

1 .  Contains all 3 macronutrients

Each one has a different “job” to do in our body. Protein for muscle and cell maintenance. Carbs for energy. Healthy fats for vitamin absorption.

2. Flexible.

I can choose any protein, fat or carbohydrate source that I prefer

3. Keeps blood sugar levels managed and stable

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4. Low in calories, yet high in nutrients

Perfect if I am watching my weight.

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5. Easy to fit into my life.

I can have more of one macronutrient at one meal, then compensate by reducing at my next meal.

Make sure you don’t make this very common mistake.

(watch the above video to find out more)

portion plate


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