Thank yourself Thin

I am very excited today to have a guest post from Kathryn Eggins.

Kathryn is a Lifestyle and Wellness coach. She specialises in guiding women who are fed up with their current situation to find clarity to create the life they want.

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How to Thank Yourself Thin

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How you feel about yourself and the thoughts that are going on in your mind play the biggest role in determining the weight of your body.

If you eat well, count calories and exercise you will lose weight… in the short term. But if you don’t change the inner pattern and the old story you keep telling yourself, it will be a never ending battle to create a permanent lifestyle change.

From a young age, we are bombarded with negativity. It becomes second nature to us to say negative things to ourselves when no one else is listening.

Would you say the things you say to yourself to someone else?

Chances are, the answer is no because you wouldn’t want to hurt them.

It’s time to turn this negative talk around into a positive and Thank Yourself Thin!

You’re a human and you’re perfectly imperfect….and that’s perfectly fine. Being perfect is way too hard.

Cut yourself a break and quit judging yourself. Give yourself permission to be human and to make mistakes. Let go of perfectionism.

It’s time to start focusing on your strong points.


Write down as many points as you can think of for the following questions…

(each question must have at least one answer)

  1. What are you good at?


  1. What’s a great feature of your body?


  1. What are your great personality traits?


Write all of these wonderful things about yourself in a positive way onto post-it notes and put them around the house where you will see them every day.

  • You are great at (what you’re great at)
  • You have a great (body feature)
  • You are (personality trait)

Choose a post-it note colour that makes you feel good.

georgeous smile

Goal – Every time you see one, take the time to read it to yourself as a compliment and in return, say ‘Thank you’ (with a smile). Aim to do this as often as possible throughout the day.

Feel gratitude every day

We are bombarded with just as much positivity throughout the day as we are negativity. It’s what you choose to focus on that will determine what your life is like.

Every morning when you wake up, think of three things that you’re grateful for. They can be anything. They just have to make your heart sing.




Focus on each of those things for a few minutes for each one. Feel the feeling of gratitude in your heart and let that feeling flood your body.

Now write down three things you are grateful for about your body –




Goal – Focus on three things you are grateful for, giving a few minutes to each thing each morning and then focus on three things you are grateful for about your body. Close your eyes, feel gratitude in your heart and let that feeling flood your body.

Take the time to notice other things that you’re grateful for throughout the day. They can be as simple as noticing the colours in a bird or a flower.

Feel free to change the areas of your body that you feel gratitude for each day. Share the love! Your body is listening.

Become aware of self-talk

Become aware of the self-talk that goes on in your mind and take action to stop it.

The negative voice in your head is not a representation of who you really are. It’s a result of the negativity you were subjected to when you were young.

It’s the many years of being told –

  • ‘Be quiet!’
  • ‘Stop doing that!’
  • ‘You can’t do that!’
  • ‘Ladies don’t do that!’

The brain doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. Energy flows where focus goes. There are millions of things happening around us at any second of the day yet we only take in what we choose to focus on.

What’s going on in your mind is simply a story. You are the author of that story and so you have the power to change it.

It’s time start focusing on the positive and to create a new inner voice that’s encouraging and loves you for who you are.

Have fun with it.

A trick I like to use is when I notice negative talk going on in my mind is to immediately stop the thought and say to myself –

‘Stop! I don’t wish to have this conversation with you.’

I visualize my hand going up to stop the conversation and I watch the other person walk away. I then consciously change my thoughts to think about what I’m grateful and thankful for.

  1. What trick can you use to stop the negative self-talk in your mind?



  1. What will you replace it with?



Goal – Become aware of your self-talk and take action steps to change the conversation. It’s something you need to do all day, every day until it becomes second nature.

This can take some practice but keep at it!

Thank yourself each time for having the courage to step up and take control.


You’re creating new neural pathways!

By becoming aware of your inner thoughts and changing them to become more positive you’re creating new neural pathways. It’s the same as learning a new instrument or a new technique. It can take several months and it will be difficult to start with but work on it every day and it will become second nature.


If any of these processes made you feel uncomfortable…

It’s time to celebrate! The feeling of being uncomfortable means your boundaries are being pushed. This is the first step to breaking clear of your old patterns.

It’s important to embrace this uncomfortable feeling as part of the process and face it head on. Work through the discomfort and you will come out the other side shining.

Yes, there could possibly be tears, but they simply mean you are breaking through your old patterns. Tears are a sign of release.

If you stay in your comfort zone, nothing changes. The life you want is waiting for you on the other side of your fears. Push your boundaries and start creating the life and body that you want.

Thank your feelings and fears every day for showing you where you can make those positive changes.

It’s ok to love yourself

Too often we confuse loving ourselves with being conceited. Here’s the difference –

To be conceited is to have an excessively favourable opinion of yourself.

To love yourself is to have respect for yourself. It’s about doing what’s right for you and making sure that when you say yes to someone else you’re not saying no to yourself.

When you love yourself, life becomes easier.

Thank yourself every day for having the courage to stand up and love yourself.


Thanks so much to Kathryn for sharing this helpful lesson.