Exercise + Healthy eating = No weight loss. How to fix it.

True story ahead.

I recently received a request for help from my friend G.

This was what she wrote…

“Morning Chriss,
I’ve got a question, hope you don’t mind.
I’ve been doing an hour of fast walking on the treadmill every week-day for 3 weeks now.

I weighed myself before I started and at the end of each week.

I’ve been eating really healthy food and had one day of takeaway (Indian). I’m kinda disappointed that I haven’t lost a gram!

Am I doing something wrong?

I do feel better but the scales are not budging. Should I start to just focus on my measurements instead? Do I have unrealistic expectations for such a short period of time?

I want to keep going…. but I need to see results! Just 1kg lighter even and I would be happy!! LOL
What would you suggest I do?
Thanks ?

Boy oh boy, I feel her pain and it’s SO common.

I instantly jumped on a Facebook live video to give her my answer. I knew others would benefit too.

What I hoped to highlight in my video explanation was that healthy eating + exercise does not guarantee weight loss.

You MUST achieve a calorie deficit in order for weight loss to happen (ie – burn more calories than you consume each day or week).

I also gave my friend G the following extra reading…

She checked out all info and thanked me for helping

G told me she would start to put some changes in place immediately.

Follow up from G…


Only 5 days later I received another message.

This one read…

Morning Chriss,
Since speaking with you I’ve cut down on some meal sizes and changed a few things. I also got back on my fitness pal, my plan is 1500 calories per day.

More importantly I’ve lost 2 kilos in 5 days! Only 7 more to go ?
Thanks for your help getting on track.

I think I just needed to be ready and then needed someone to tell me….  again LOL.

Awesome stuff G !!

In summary.

  • You can and should expect weight loss results in the first few weeks if you are following an effective plan.
  • Healthy eating + Exercise does not always guarantee weight loss.
  • Quality of your eating plan is great (ie – eating healthy foods , but Quantity is important too.
  • Exercise has a small impact on your weight loss goal. Most of your results will come from your nutrition plan.
  • A lot of people accidently achieve a calorie deficit (hence weight loss) by exercise and healthy eating, but if you don’t then becoming calorie AWARE (not obsessive) might be an effective strategy for you.
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