I asked 1000’s of people what they loved about 5:2 fasting


5:2 Fasting

Have you heard of it?

Have you tried it?

Its a health and weight loss protocol that involves eating normally for 5 days of your week, then limiting yourself to a 500 calorie budget on 2 non consecutive days of the week.  (or 800 cals for males).

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I am in a closed Facebook group for fasters. Its a supportive and encouraging place with some great information shared. There are almost 30,000 members in the group !!

I asked the members to share the top 3 reasons they love the Fasting WOL (Way Of Life)

Below are some of their answers…

  • It works
  • Its flexible – you can choose the 2 days of your week that fit best with your schedule
  • Its not expensive – in fact you save money by not eating as much 2 days of the week
  • All foods are allowed, I simply eat less on 2 days of my week
  • I thought I would be hungrier, but my appetite has actually reduced.
  • I only have to think about it on 2 days of my week. It feels so freeing NOT to think dieting for 5 days
  • Increased awareness about calories and what foods keep me full
  • Increased awareness about how weight loss actually works (calorie deficit each week)
  • No strict meal plan. Just eat normally 5 days and reduce calories on 2 days
  • I have corrected my Insulin Resistance by giving my body a break from insulin production 2 days out of every week
  • I never feel like a failure, I can fast the next day if today is not working out
  • It has reset my relationship with food
  • I used to panic if I missed a meal, but now I know that its not a problem if I have to wait for food
  • I don’t have to pack food for work on 2 days of my week
  • Less thinking, less decisions about food
  • I feel amazing
  • I don’t feel guilty about eating certain foods any more
  • Simple to follow
  • I thought I would have less energy on a fast day, but I have MORE
  • It fits in with my life by getting to choose the days when I fast
  • It made me realise that I was eating waaaaaay too much food before this
  • No guilt and no failure associated
  • I have learned about eating for hunger instead of eating for entertainment
  • I enjoy my food so much more when I am truly hungry

Wow, that’s quite a list huh?

My personal thoughts on 5:2 fasting

I don’t use 5:2 protocol myself. I am the type of person who prefers to use up a little bit of effort and willpower each day, rather than to “get the job done” with fewer large bursts of effort and energy. (This is true for me for all types of willpower related scenarios…  doing paperwork, cleaning the house etc.)

However I am not the type of coach who preaches that everyone should follow the same protocol just because I use it, or just because it worked for someone else. I believe in choosing an individual protocol that works with your strengths and minimises your weaknesses.

If you are someone who would rather use lots of effort and willpower on 2 days of your week and relax on the other 5 days… 5:2 fasting could be perfect for you.

Here are some things I loved about it when I trialled it for myself.

  • I learnt so much about eating for hunger instead of emotions
  • I learnt that I mindlessly snack way more than I thought
  • I learnt that hunger is not an emergency and has advantages like making my food more enjoyable.
  • I have taken this learning into all other days and really try to wait til “fairly hungry” to eat now
  • It freed me from the “eat every 3 hours” programming
  • It reminds me that the weekly total is what’s important and to stop micro managing each meal
  • I still put in a lighter day once or twice per week (but not as light as 500 calories). This helps me balance out higher calorie days in my week
  • I no longer panic if I skip a meal or am late for a meal

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