Results of my free health check at Priceline and how you can get yours


Today, just for fun and curiosity, I went to Priceline pharmacy to check out their free health checker.

It measures weight, height, body fat, diabetes risk and blood pressure.



I stood on the designated foot plate and it weighed me and measured my height. I then entered a few details about my medical background and waist measurement to receive my diabetes risk. Its a guide only of course, if you are truly worried about your risk of diabetes, I suggest you go see your GP. I wasn’t worried about mine however, so I was happy to get the stats from the machine.

I then sat down and held on to the handles of the bioelectrical impedance device to get my body fat percentage measured.  Again, its only an estimate. Hydration, eating and recent activity can influence the result.

The results all come up on the screen and you can also get a detailed report emailed to you (which I did)

My stats…

Height – 172cm

I always thought I was 175cm, so either I wasn’t standing up straight, or I’ve shrunk !! Or a combo of the 2.

Weight – 68kgs

No surprises there, although I do prefer to sit around 64kgs.

Body fat – 32.3%

Not gonna lie, I am not super pleased with that. But again, no real surprise, I am not in my best shape right now.

This puts me at the top of the “normal” range by the way. As you can see from the image below.



Resting heart rate = 60 bpm

Not true resting as I was quite uncomfortable getting it measured, but pretty good none the less.

Blood pressure = 102 / 63

I am always a little bit on the low side.


Diabetes = 4 = Low risk

As mentioned before, if you are concerned with your diabetes risk, I would advise to see your GP.

Heart age = 37

Wooohooo, I am 46 yrs old, so that made me smile.

For the record, this is what I look like today at 32.3% body fat.

As previously mentioned, I am not in my best shape at the moment, but I am also not concerned. Those extra 4 or 5 kgs of body fat represent the fun parts of my life, that I am not keen to go without at the moment.

** I can’t really believe that I am sharing a pic of my stomach for everyone to see. All in the name of transparency.


32.3% body fat

All in all it was an interesting experience and the girl who served me was a lovely help.

You can find your nearest Priceline health tracker HERE on this website  

*** This post edited to include the following ***

Since this article was shared, some people have asked me what my plans are now. How do I plan to drop the 4 or 5 excess kgs of body fat and how do I plan to gain a couple of kgs of muscle.

Here’s the thing…

I have no plans to change anything at this point in time.

I don’t want to get as lean as possible. I am fit, healthy and happy.

I believe your ideal weight and shape should be the perfect intersection between how you want to look and how you want to live.

I am not saying that I wont ever want to make changes. Maybe next Spring I might. But it wont be from a place of needing to fix myself. It will simply be a fun experiment.

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