9 (surprising) signs you will FAIL your health goals


This information is going to sound harsh.
It’s honestly delivered with care, to save you time effort and heart-ache. After 20 years working in the health and fitness industry, I see these signs time and time again.


1) You still believe there is a magic formula / quick fix.

Pills, potions, gadgets, etc. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if there was a magic solution, everyone would do it and be fit and healthy, end of story. Please vote with your wallet and STOP purchasing this stuff.



2) You aren’t willing to get uncomfortable

The fact is, some things will have to change in order to improve. I advise my  clients to start with the easiest possible changes first and get harder from there. 



3) You don’t realise, you only get the result while you do the actions.

Think about showering to stay clean. You don’t do it for 4 weeks and the job is done. You get the result whilst doing the actions.

Sure you could go on a crazy crash program for X weeks and achieve a dramatic result, but what happens AFTER the after is the most important factor.

Please make the changes you are HAPPY and WILLING to continue with long term.


4) You don’t accept personal responsibility.

You want someone or something to SAVE you.

Don’t get me wrong, a coach can HELP you, but ultimately YOU need to do the work.

You can’t outsource push-ups and saying no to the second serving.

I know this meme is meant to be funny. But it represents a lack of personal responsibility.


5) You expect perfection, or you don’t bother at all.

Life will NEVER be perfect. You need to accept that. Roll with the punches and keep moving forward if you hit a speed bump.

Your perfectionism is causing you to fail.


6) You don’t want to learn anything.

“Just tell me what to do Chriss”
“Just write me a meal plan”


That’s like me saying to my high school geography classmate … “Just give me the answers to the exam”,  but never actually learning anything about geography.
Guess what happened?
I got a short term success, but I still SUCK at geography 30 years later. It can be quite embarrassing at times.
^^^ True story ^^^

Learn the skills and knowledge for long term success.


7) You ONLY want to learn.

Learning without doing doesn’t get you anywhere. By all means take the time to learn, then please, take the time and effort to IMPLEMENT.

Information is not the same as TRANSFORMATION.


8)  You are waiting for motivation.

Motivation is bullshit.  There I said it.

Do you wait to get motivated before you shower each day, go to work, mop the floor?  Or do you do those things because the payoff is worth the effort. Don’t wait for motivation. Do the thing anyway.

Here are some tips 

  • Momentum trumps motivation – just do SOMETHING. Put your gym gear on, head out the door for 5 minutes, chop some vegetables, eat an apple. Do the least amount of action that will get the TRAIN on the TRACKS. (Momentum)
  • Focus on a today benefit instead of a future benefit. I am going to choose the salmon salad over the burger and fries because I will feel so much better directly after it. Compared to “because I might be leaner or healthier 2 months down the track.
  • Re-frame your feelings and associations into positive ones. Aka – exercise and eat well because you LOVE your body and it deserves to be treated well, not because you hate it and it needs to be fixed.


9) You do it from a feeling of hating your body and wanting to punish it.

I can guarantee this won’t last long term. Please choose to exercise and eat well because you love your body and want to treat it well.

If you recognise yourself in any of the above signs, I urge you to question your thoughts and try for a re-frame.