My personal meal list (that saved my sanity)

As you know, I teach people how to lose weight in a happy and sustainable way. Part of that includes lessons on meal planning.


for a while there I wasn’t practicing what I preach. I had fallen into the rut that a lot of people fall into.

I dreaded dinner time!

  • What am I going to cook?
  • Is my fussy teenage daughter going to eat it?
  • Is it balanced and healthy?
  • Is it quick and simple?


I decided to do this post for myself.
Where I walk the talk and do what I get my coaching clients to do.

The meal planning steps that saved my sanity

  1. First, I sat down with the family and wrote a big long lists of all the meals that we enjoy.
  2. Next I cross of any that are flat out unhealthy.
  3. I makeover the remaining meals so that they are healthy, balanced and filling. So that they follow the Portion Plate guidelines.
  4. We then simply choose 4 or 5 meals at the start of each week. I make enough for leftovers to re-purpose for lunches or other dinners.

**We usually have 1 dinner out per week.

$3 meal planners from Kmart

Here is my list

(I’m sure I will add to it over time)

  • My hand-written messy meal list


  • Lamb cutlets with frozen steamed veg and boiled lower carb potatoes.  I use Chobani tzatziki dip for the sauce.
    Chobani Tzatziki makes a great accompaniment to lamb



  • Thai beef salad. ie – steak with Asian packet salad. ( I love packet salads)
  • Tacos or nachos with hidden grated veg in the mince. Lower fat Greek Yoghurt instead of sour cream
  • Make your own pizza on pita bread. With a lean protein source and tomatoes, spinach, capsicum, onion, mushroom, olives and any other veg I have lying around. Topped with small amount of lower fat grated cheese. Half pita bread = one serve
I used the left over mince from taco night for this pizza


  • Spaghetti bolognese with grated hidden veg, one handful of pasta and a side salad
  • Grilled fish + oven baked chips + salad
  • Cheats baked dinner. BBQ chook, small amount potato and pumpkin, carrots, beans, corn and peas
  • Garlic prawns and rice with lots of veg included
  • Salmon, asparagus, steamed green beans and carrots, giant mushroom
  • Chicken schnitzel with salad. Usually packet kaleslaw. Don’t let the thought of kale turn you off, it tastes GREAT.
  • Rice paper rolls
    Click the image for recipe details


  • Asian lamb pancakes with shredded carrots, cucumber, shallots and a small amount of Hoisin sauce
  • Chicken, spinach and low fat ricotta pies with side salad or steam veg
  • Beef, roast pumpkin and haloumi salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
  • Minute steak sandwiches with beetroot, lettuce, onion, cucumber, small amount BBQ sauce
  • Mini hamburgers. Mini meatballs from Aldi with mini bread rolls and salad
  • Sang choy bow. Use the pork mince with the little sachet of seasoning included. Lots of bean sprouts and crunchy cabbage plus any other veg I have in the fridge. Serve with lettuce leaves. Yummo
  • Smoked salmon, packet Ceasar salad plus boiled egg
  • Satay chicken skewers with packet salad on wraps
  • Lean sausages with mash potato and cauliflower, corn on cob, large mushroom
  • Vegetable frittata to use up any left over veg at the end of the week. This is great to make on a Friday. So easy to grab either hot or cold over the weekend.
Click the image to get the recipe

Oh and to finish off my list, I usually have some YouFoodz meals on hand too.

I order about 6 or 7 each week. My hubby and I use them for lunches mostly and dinner every now and then. They are healthy, balanced and fresh (not frozen).

You can check them out and get a free meal with your order HERE.

Check out my comprehensive and honest review of Youfoodz HERE 

That’s my list, I would LOVE to hear yours.

Let me know over on my Facebook page. I might even be able to add a couple more.

Doing this has made such a huge difference to my week

  • Less stress
  • More enjoyment of meals
  • Healthier
  • More cost effective
  • Less food waste
  • Holly loves picking the meals each week, she even gets more involved in the cooking

I  highly recommend giving it a try.


Want more help and coaching with your weight loss goals?

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