FREE 5:2 Intermittent fasting Cheat Sheet

Its a protocol where you eat and drink a lot less on 2 days of your week, then don’t make any changes to your current routine on the other 5 days.

I love this way of life for people who prefer to batch large bursts of effort and willpower into a couple of days per week, then cruise on the other days. If that sounds like you, read on.

I have a 10 step 5:2 Fasting Cheat Sheet to get you started.

1)  pick 2 non consecutive days to go low calorie.

It’s best to keep busy on these days.

2) Aim for 500 – 800 calories on those 2 days

However feel free to start higher and work your way lower over a few weeks of practice

3)  Experiment with timing and size of meals.

Ie – one large meal, 2 medium meals, 3 small.

All options are fine, it’s all about the calorie total at the end of the day. Go with the one that’s suits you best. However, most people find it easier to shorten their eating window and start eating later in the day.

4)   Ensure you don’t consume more than you normally would on your 5 regular days.

Otherwise some or all of your fasting days benefits will be cancelled out. ** This is the most common mistake fasters make

5)  Ensure you get adequate protein so you don’t lose muscle


6)  Choose foods that keep you full for the relative calorie spend.


8)   Vegetables are your best friend

Low in cals, high in fibre and nutrients.

8 )  Use the fasting days as a learning experience

Carry the knowledge over to all other days.  Ie – stomach hunger compared to mindless eating, what foods keep you full, your natural hunger patterns and timing.

9)  Do this from a feeling of caring for your body and wanting to look after it

Not from a place of hating your body and wanting to fix it.

10)  Get help, support and coaching from an expert (like me)