Gratitude Christmas Tree.

This year we have a gratitude Christmas tree as well as a regular tree.

gratitude tree 2

My daughter Holly found an old tree branch to use,  which we placed on a cabinet in our living room.

I printed out lots of gratitude tags (attached below).

 gratitude tree 3

Each day in December we (Adam, Holly and I) will fill out what we are most grateful for that day. There will be 75 grateful tags by Christmas Day.

It has only been a few days, but already I find that I am actively looking for things to write on the gratitude tag. It is making me seek out more positive experiences  from each day. Loving it.


gratitude tree 1

Gratitude turns what you have into enough

gratitude tree 4


Tags can be printed and cut out below

gratitude tags

I would love to see pics of your gratitude tree. You can share them over on my Facebook page