9 signs you need MINDFULNESS training

1) You are often exhausted at the end of the day from excessive over-thinking

Even if you havent particularly been busy, productive or active.

2) You often feel anxious, sometimes for seemingly no reason

and you dont know how to manage the anxiety.

3) You have a general feeling of being STUCK

Not making progress. Feeling heavy. Almost like you are stuck in quicksand.

4) You have trouble sleeping because you cant turn off your thoughts

This can become a vicious cycle. Lack of sleep = more over-thinking = lack of sleep. 🙁

5) You beat yourself up with horrible, negative self talk.

I used to be the QUEEN of this.

Read my story HERE.  – How my mess became my message

6) You feel like you are running on auto-pilot 

Not really living your life, just going through the motions.

Surviving, but not thriving.

7) You can’t remember why you walked into the room

Because you have a million other thoughts n your head, instead of focussing on the present moment.

8) You live with a constant feeling of low level of stress

Always just a little on edge. This is like running your phone with background apps open. You might not be aware of it, but you are not living to 100% capacity.

9) You “buffer” your thoughts and feelings with food, alcohol, excessive phone scrolling, shopping etc..

Mindfulness training has been proven to …

  • reduce stress
  • improve your mood
  • let go of negative self talk
  • calm your mind
  • and so much more