Why I don’t “reason” with my negative thoughts anymore

I used to reason and rationalise with my negative thoughts / inner critic.

Seems like a good thing to do right?

Thought pops in…

“I’m not good enough”

(or anything similar)

I would then make a rational list of reasons it’s not true. But it never really helped.  The thought would always (eventually) pop back into my brain

Then I would usually beat myself up for thinking negatively in the first place.

It was exhausting. Like holding a beach ball under water.

Now I let the thought be there , without attaching to it .

“Oh, there’s that old negative BS story”

I don’t have to “work” to get rid of it or change it. It has no power over me.

I no longer take my thoughts so seriously.

It’s like letting the beach ball float alongside of me, knowing it’s not part of me.

It’s so freeing .

Can you relate?
Do you try to reason with your thoughts?