Re-train your brain out of negativity and into happiness

Do you want to …

  • Stop self sabotage
  • End procrastination
  • Stop beating yourself up


I’ve got good news for you.

Contrary to popular belief, these things are NOT YOU, they are simply habits of thought. Habits can be changed.

Habits of thought can be sneaky

We often think of bad habits as physical actions we take, like nail biting or eating too much chocolate after dinner.

Habits of thought can be sneakier. They often feel like they are a part of us, instead of a behaviour that we do.

I hear many clients tell me …
“I’m just an over-thinker, I have always been this way”

They have totally “stepped into” and identified with their habit of thought.

A more helpful approach would be to say…
“In the past I’ve had a habit of over-thinking. Now I know I can create new neural pathways in my brain and adopt a new healthier habit of thought”.



Habits create well worn pathways in the brain.

You weren’t born with these habits , you created them.

And practiced them… a lot .
This is good news

If you created the habit, you can un-create it and create a new positive habit instead

It will take belief, practice, perseverance, knowledge and repetition.  But it can be done.