Do you ever feel like your mind is FULL, but your soul is depleted?


Are you exhausted from the never-ending chatter inside your head?

Perfect for over-thinkers

Shell Cove classes – Saturdays 9am 

NDIS welcome



Are you ready to…  

  1. Calm and clear your busy mind
  2. Declutter your thoughts 
  3. Reduce anxiety, worry and stress.
  4. Live in and enjoy the present moment.

Achieve a calmer, quieter mind  – Weekly coaching + support + community

These practical, relaxed and calming classes are the solution for over-thinkers, self doubters and procrastinators who want to learn how to calm their busy minds. 
You will learn simple and proven mindfulness tools, lessons and techniques to quieten your mind, feel calmer, happier and more peaceful. 



Take some time out for yourself each week.


It’s time you put yourself first,

You can’t pour from an empty cup.





Won’t it be nice when…

  • You wake each morning after a quality restful sleep (no more 2am over-thinking wake-ups). 
  • You’re excited to start your day knowing that you can handle what life throws at you. 
  • You have tools and techniques on hand to create much needed space from your busy mind and you use them whenever needed.
  • You have so much more compassion, care and trust for yourself.
  • You no longer doubt yourself, procrastinate and beat yourself up on repeat. 
  • You take more inspired action, instead of spinning round in indecisiveness.
  • You feel seen and supported knowing you have found a new group of like-minded souls cheering you on. 

WHO are these classes for?


These classes are perfect for self critical, overthinkers who tend to give to much to others instead of prioritising themselves. If you’re anxious stressed and tend towards worry and procrastination…

And you’re finally ready to change!



$75 per session (small intimate group setting) 


Includes …

Weekly coaching and support sessions

With Mindfulness Mentor - Chriss Tinslay.
Where you will learn and practice the life changing skills to create some much needed space from your busy mind.

Bonus mid week mindfulness lessons

Delivered via video inside your closed Facebook group. This will keep the learnings top of mind during your week

Bonus private Facebook group

For ongoing support, connection and motivation.

Bonus video and audio resource library

So you can pull up the tools and lessons anytime, anywhere on your phone



Saturdays 9am – 11am



 Shell Cove (address supplied on enrolment) 


$75 per session (small intimate group to ensure personalised attention) 
Go from Mind FULL to MINDFUL


Why not bring a friend to learn together and support each other?


“If you know of someone who may benefit from this experience, I would so appreciate you sending them this information to join.”





“Talk about stepping outside your comfort zone. I would have never had the courage leave a job that I hated and to follow this new career path if I had not found Chriss and her mindfulness classes. The lessons along with the amazing support of the other group members has given me the courage I needed to chase my dreams.”



Together we are better.  




I have spent the last 3yrs going the LONG route….just to avoid the tunnel.I avoided all confined spaces including lifts, because I couldn’t control the panic. After learning some toolbox tricks from my first session, I was able to put them to good use and be driven through the tunnel as a passenger. By my 4th class, I had successfully driven the tunnel alone, a number of times. 

I  started Chriss’ course to learn to be more present and get out of my own head.

I had been suffering driving anxiety , especially on freeways.

Learning to look at things differently and using the mindfulness skills and exercises has helped me so much.

Fast forward a month later and I m actually enjoying being behind the wheel again.  Im not cancelling plans where long distance driving is required.

Thanks so much Chriss for all of your knowledgeable information .

Tina M

Tina M


Stop trying to fix yourself because you’re not good enough.

Start caring for yourself because you’re already amazing. 




About Chriss Tinslay – your mindfulness mentor

Chriss Tinslay is a fully qualified and experienced Mindfulness coach. She has helped 100’s of over-thinkers feel calmer, happier and more confident. Chriss has studied under the renowned Gawler Institute and Russ Harris of the best selling book The Happiness Trap. 
She is the creator of the wildly successful course Mindfulness for Over-thinkers.  Chriss prides herself on making mindfulness super easy and practical. 
While working with all walks of life including pre-teen girls,  her dream clients are self critical women who are tired of putting themselves last, beating themselves up and self sabotaging their dreams and goals.  Why? Because she use to be one. 
Chriss believes looking after your mind is just as important (if not more) than looking after your physical health.
When not teaching mindfulness classes and women’s circles, you will find her hanging out with her family and friends, walking her Pomeranian dog Timmy, listening to 80’s music or laughing out loud to re-runs of Kath n Kim. 

Frequently Asked Questions..


These 2 modalities are different, but can work very well together. I find traditional therapy deals with specific individual issues, whereas mindfulness training teaches you how to think differently and relax your nervous system.  

Great question.

It’s a supportive group class where we come together to learn and practice mental and emotional tools and techniques

Things like ..
👉 breathing exercises
👉 anchoring into the present moment
👉 accepting what is, instead of trying to control
👉 practice feeling good on purpose, in case your brain has forgotten how
👉 journalling ( and sometimes burning the pages ) 
👉 mindful movement
👉 pattern interrupts
👉 sharing, connection and so much more
We practice so we can use the skills when we really need them.
To become calmer, happier and more resilient.
Perhaps the most exciting part is that we can physically change the brain by exercising it.
We know doing bicep curls makes your arms bigger and stronger
Doing mindfulness exercises makes the part of your brain responsible for stress shrink
and it makes the part of your brain responsible for calm grow.

Mindfulness training is not meditation. Although we do practice some short, simple and easy meditations throughout each session. We also discuss the HOW to meditate, not just expect that you will know. 

Over 16yrs would be suitable for this session. 

No, we sit in comfortable chairs around a table. Its quite informal, friendly and relaxed.

Yes. Please contact me on 0408 419 832 to discuss

You will have the tools and techniques to calm and manage your mind on your own. However, if you would like to continue to practice in a group setting, you are more than welcome to continue. 


“Learning how to calm my mind has not only benefited me, it’s had a big flow on effect to my family, especially my kids. I’m not so stressed out and reactive.  I’ve learnt how to pause, take a breath and deal with things in a more peaceful way. My kids tell me I’m a nicer mum these days.”