Mindfulness Classes

Powerful coaching for over-thinkers who want to calm their busy minds.

Dear over-thinker...

Is your never ending mental chatter off the charts?  
Most of it negative and filled with worry.  
It’s exhausting, isn’t it?
I’ve been where you are now. I had “practiced” over-thinking for so long.
I thought “it was just the way I was” and nothing could be done about it. 
I have good news. There is a solution. I trained my brain to become happier, quieter and more positive, with proven mindfulness tools and techniques. I have since taught 100’s of others also. I can teach you too.

Hi there, I’m Chriss Tinslay,

A Mindfulness mentor, a wife, a Mum, and a lover of all things 80’s.

I teach my students how to reduce stress, anxiety,  and over-thinking, so they can live the joyful life they deserve.

A quieter, happier mind is possible.  

**View the video to learn a little more about mindfulness

Won't it be nice when....

* You enjoy your life because you spend more time in the present moment, instead of caught up in your head worrying about future or past.
* You are no longer exhausted from the constant stream of mental chatter. 
* You find yourself naturally looking for the good things in your life, instead of focussing on the problems. 
This is possible and achievable.
Mindfulness like a fitness session for the mind.  It’s proven and evidence based. 

 – Calm and quieten your mind + Create space from your own thoughts

– The counterintuitive way to spend less time worrying, and more time in the present moment.

 – Radical Acceptance + Learn how to calm down and regulate your nervous system.

– Mindfulness for self compassion – learn how to turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader.

   – Mindfulness and feeling (un)motivated.  Finally do the things you’ve been procrastinating on.

 –  Tools not Rules – Simple and practical tools for your toolbox 

 –– A quieter mind is a happier mind. Practicing feeling good on purpose. 

 –  Putting it all together so you can continue long term

A quieter mind is a happier mind

Life changing lessons

The simple but powerful weekly coaching sessions lessons will change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings..

With like-minded people

A huge benefit of this group coaching program is connecting and sharing with a supportive group of like-minded people.

Evidence based brain science

Learn how and why your brain thinks the way it does, plus easy tools to re-wire it to the positive

Community support

The closed and private FB group provides continued community help and support with Mindfulness Mentor Chriss Tinslay, plus a group of like-minded others.

Ongoing support and classes

Continue to recieve support plus practice together

“Thank you so much for the lessons, the kindness and the support during the last few weeks. I am forever changed and grateful.
Love and light.”
“I really can’t thank you enough.  I would encourage anyone who’s had enough of the constant chatter in their head to give this a try.
I am bursting with gratitude.”

“I don’t know where I’d be without those weekly classes. It was like I let myself fall apart each week, so I could be put back together. I feel whole again. Thank you so much.” 




“Sometimes it just helps to have an impartial person to talk to,

someone who will listen and hold space without judgement or the need to “fix” 

Karen L  – Kiama



Frequently Asked Questions

These 2 modalities are different, but can work very well together. I find traditional therapy deals with specific individual issues, whereas mindfulness training teaches you how to think differently and relax your nervous system.  

Mindfulness is not meditation. Although we do practice some short, simple and easy meditations throughout each session. We also discuss the HOW to meditate, not just expect that you will know. 


Over 16yrs old would be suitable. 

You do not have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with, however I do find that even shy ones seem to open up as the course goes on. 

Yes, please contact me on 0408 419 832 for details 

You will have the tools and techniques to calm and manage your mind on your own. However, if you would like to continue to practice in a group setting, you will be invited to join the mindfulness monthly members circle. Where alumni of the course come together to practice what they have learnt. 


A personal message from Chriss …

When I started these classes, I thought the lessons, tools and techniques would be the game changer… They’re great, don’t get me wrong.

But the life changing aspect is the sense of community, connection, kindness, support and bonding between participants.  We go deep. We feel safe to be vulnerable and share in a caring and supportive space. Together we are better. 

You are welcome here.  Your sadness, your joy, your messiness, your frustration, your laughter, your tears. 

Chriss.  xxx 

PS.  I know you’re probably over-thinking the decision to join this course. I have seen it help so many people. If you feel called to this, I urge you to trust yourself and give it a go.




About Chriss Tinslay – your mindfulness mentor – Chriss Tinslay is a fully qualified and experienced Mindfulness coach. She has helped 100’s of over-thinkers feel calmer, happier and more confident. Chriss has studied under the renowned Gawler Institute and Russ Harris of the best selling book The Happiness Trap. 

Chriss prides herself on making mindfulness super easy and practical. 

While working with all walks of life, Chriss’ ideal clients are self critical women who are tired of putting themselves last, beating themselves up and self sabotaging their dreams and goals.  Why? Because she use to be one. 

Chriss believes looking after your mind is just as important (if not more) than looking after your physical fitness and health. She has felt the life changing benefits of mindfulness and is now passionate about sharing with others. 

When Chriss is not teaching mindfulness classes, you will find her hanging out with her family and friends, walking her Pomeranian dog Timmy, listening to 80’s music or laughing out loud to re-runs of Kath n Kim. 

** If you can relate to this image, you need some mindfulness training in your life. **

There are times in life when we all struggle. This small group coaching course can provide you with the help and support you need.