Behind the scenes of my latest weight loss program (Amazing results and pics included)

Do you want a little sneak peek behind the scenes of my latest health and weight loss coaching program?

Of course you do.

Especially when you hear of the amazing results that R achieved even though she sucked in the willpower department (her words, not mine).

Back story

Recently I reached out and asked for 10 people who were willing to test out my brand new health and weight loss coaching program.

(I am currently looking for 10 more by the way)

The program involves eating less 2 days per week, then eating normally on the other 5 days. Therefore you only need to use willpower 2 non consecutive days out of every 7.

R was brave enough to put her hand up to trial the program and boy she is glad she did.


R agreed to be interviewed in the hopes of inspiring and educating others.

(She is shy and didn’t want to use her full name)

1) How did you look and feel before your weight loss journey? 

Before starting this program I was feeling BLAH!.
Fat, frumpy you name it and hopeless in thinking I wasn’t ever going to get that willpower to stick with a diet so that I could lose weight.  My clothes weren’t fitting me and I was buying baggy t-shirts for summer as my stomach was making me feel so uncomfortable.  I was also bloating often, which was so frustrating.   It’s summer and I don’t want to go to the beach!  
It sounds harsh, but I was starting to hate myself for the shape I was in.
R feeling bloated and blah BEFORE

2) Had you tried to lose weight and get healthier previously?  How did that go? 

You name it I’ve tried it.  I was a member of a local gym a year ago and they were running a weight loss competition for prize money.  I thought – $500 – what a great prize and incentive!  I can do this.  And I did stick to it.  But it was a ridiculous diet created by body builders and included water loading/restriction (I should have been suss then right) and I couldn’t seem to lose weight even thought I was exercising and following their plan!  
After trying and failing at many other people’s diets I was so happy to find Chriss on Facebook and learn how to eat to suit MY body.

3) What prompted your decision to try this new program? 

I had tried something similar in the past but it was only to the point of delaying the time I started eating during the day.  I knew it was good for our bodies too but to be honest I hadn’t done it in a while.  Why bother when I’m not losing weight!
Then  I came across Chriss’ video using liquid in a glass to represent our daily food intake and it just made so much sense to me.  I also know that she doesn’t tell me to live on Kale and egg whites, so I know that her methods tweak our own food choices and I really wanted to see if this was for me. 
I suck in the willpower department on a weekly basis but I thought I could easily be strict for a day or two – no problem at all!

“I suck in the will-power department”.  R.

4) Tell us a bit about your journey over the last 4 weeks.. 

I was daunted at first of the prospect of eating less 2 days per week, but after learning you can still have a decent amount of food (knowing the better food choices to make) and still keep the calories low I found it was relatively easy to do. 
Chriss eases us into it so we certainly don’t feel we’re missing out on food.  I learnt so much about my natural hunger patterns, now I don’t panic thinking I need to eat by the clock.  Once I got the hang of it I found I was enjoying my food so much more. 
This program made me listen to my body so much more than I ever had before,  I now make better choices without even thinking about it!
I couldn’t do these jeans up 4 weeks ago!!

5) What do you like best about your new Way Of Life? 

The fact that I don’t need any willpower most days of the week and that I can enjoy ALL food again! 
Every Monday in the past I would re-start my diet and try to be good all week and weekend but following this method I don’t have to do this anymore.  I can enjoy my weekends.  I love a couple of glasses of wine, I enjoy cheese in moderation, I’ve even had potato chips and chocolate on occasion (shock horror!)  Sure these aren’t everyday or even every week foods but usually if I eat these, my diet has been blown and come Monday I’m a kilo heavier again and hating myself and the cycle starts.   
Without realising it I’m adding more salad and veg to my diet and enjoying it.  I’m enjoying potato’s again and even a small serve of pasta!  I had pretty much banned those foods from my diet in the past.  I love that I can love food again : )
I fit into this dress again. 🙂 

6) How do you look and feel now? 

It’s only been 4 weeks and I still have weight to lose, but I feel SO MUCH better already.  
With 7cm’s gone from my waist my clothes fit much nicer.  I don’t feel like I have to suck my stomach in all the time and people have started commenting that I’m looking good. 
That’s a great feeling.
Its only been 4 weeks, but I am well on my way.

7) What advice would you give others wanting to try it? 

Definitely give it a go.  It’s been such a game changer for me. 
So easy to implement into my life and finally I’m one of those people that can finally post a before and after pic. : )    
If you follow all of Christine’s tips and advice it won’t be as hard as you think it might be….promise!.   


8) What benefit was there in joining the group coaching program rather than simply trying it on your own?

I had heard about this method before but didn’t ever think it was for me.  I thought it was just another fad diet – you can tell I’ve done a few of them.  I would never have considered doing this by myself. 
When Chriss described this program she made perfect sense.  I trust her as she teaches us how to lose weight using the meals you currently eat. We have suggestions on meals and how to incorporate healthier eating,  I learn more as I’m not following someone else’s meal plan that will go out the window once the 4 weeks is up. 
She eased us into the process so it hasn’t been scary at all.  I’m sure I would not have had this success so far without her coaching.  Having the private Facebook page also is a wonderfully supportive place to be able to chat to others doing the program with you.    

Wow, thanks so much R for sharing your story and inspiring others.


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