Hi there, I'm Chriss.

I help over-thinkers quieten their busy minds, using simple and proven mindfulness techniques.



How busy is your mind?

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how exhausting non-stop mental chatter is.  Most of it negative,  full of worries and doubts. 

I have good news. There is a solution. 

A busy mind can be trained to be happier, quieter and more peaceful.  


Programs to improve your mind... (and life)

TASTER SESSION - 8th October. Practical and Interactive workshop.
COURSE - Ideal for self-critical, overthinkers who want a calmer, happier mind
FREE - Pop your headphones in whenever you need a mind reset


A message from Chriss

Before I begin, I'd love you to take a big deep, calming breath, relax your shoulders and know you're in the right place.

I want to help you achieve a calm, clear, peaceful mind, so you have the mental energy to live a joyful life.

No need to meditate for hours each day or move to a mountain top.

I will teach you easy, practical, simple tools and techniques that work.


Chriss’ classes have transformed my life.  I no longer feel held hostage by my busy mind.

Susan K.

Not sure what your next step is?

Call to arrange a no obligation phone consultation to determine if and how I can help you.

0408 419 832


“I can’t tell you how much this group has meant to me. I’ve learnt so much, come so far and I’m so incredibly grateful for this life changing opportunity. I am still a work in progress but the skills and tools I have learnt here are such invaluable learning and I appreciate each and everyone of you for sharing yourselves and your lives with me.
Chriss, I am forever grateful to you for doing all the work to bring this course to life and for the huge impact that you and what you have taught me has had on me.”

Janene xxx