How to lose weight. A step by step guide

Hi there, Chriss Tinslay here, your online Fitness and Fat loss coach. Today I want to share with you a step by step guide on exactly how to lose weight.

I have given away tons of free information  about how to lose weight during my 20 years in the fitness and fat loss industry.

** I put this post together for somewhat selfish reasons. I wanted to put all of the steps to weight loss here in one handy place. So that my clients can check in and reference it any time a refresher is needed.

You can click on each step header for a more detailed description of each. Some of those with video lessons included.

How to lose 1kg of body fat each week. A step by step guide



1) Know that all weight loss happens when we consume less calories than we burn up each day or each week (calorie deficit).

7000 calorie deficit = 1kg weight loss (rough estimate)

Example –

  • Sally burns 2400 calories per day via A) living (BMR),  B) moving and  C) exercise.
  • Sally eats 1900 calories per day
  • Sally loses weight due to the 500 calorie deficit

Just to be clear…  This is not “one way” to lose weight. This is not “my opinion” on how to lose weight.  A calorie deficit is the ONLY way that weight loss happens. There are many different methods you can use to achieve that calorie deficit… BUT  – – No calorie deficit = No weight loss.

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2) Determine how many calories you currently burn each day.

Using this simple calorie calculator. (estimate only)

Example – Sally burns 2400 cals per day.



3) Consume 500 less calories than the above amount (Deficit)

Sally eats 1900 calories per day on her weight loss plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Less calories doesn’t have to mean less food. If you choose lower calorie, higher nutrient options you can sometimes end up eating MORE food. You can view a brilliant visual representation HERE – How to eat more food and lose weight.

milk shake vs days eating calories


4) Ensure that you eat enough protein and vegetables

When we lose “weight” as measured on the scales, there are 2 main places that it can come from.

  1. Excess body fat (YAY)
  2. Lean muscle mass (BOO)

We need to consume enough protein to ensure that the lost weight will come from fat, not muscle

As per step 3, we know that Sally needs to consume 1900 calories per day to lose weight.

Sally ensures that at least 600 of her 1900 calorie budget are made up of protein rich foods and another (at least) 300 come from veggies. The remainder can be made up of other carbohydrates, fat and a small amount of alcohol if Sally want’s to include it.



5) Burn up an extra 500 calories each day via movement and / or exercise.

Sally moves more on some days and exercises more on other days, so that she burns up an EXTRA 500 calories per day. She makes sure she does not rest more than she normally would to compensate for the extra calorie burn.

6) For best results choose exercise that A) use your heart and lungs AND B) all of your muscle groups.

By building a small amount of lean muscle mass, we can slightly increase our RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), increase strength, improve our shape and look firmer too.


7) All of these steps equate to a 7000 calorie deficit per week.

Which should result in you lose 1kg of body fat per week.

Click here for a very detailed step by step coaching program to walk you through all of the steps to healthy weight loss success.



I have also written many articles on the things you DON’T need to focus on and worry about anymore.

1) The timing of your meals.

You know that WHAT you eat is the important factor. WHEN you eat it or if you choose to eat 5 small meals or 2 – 3 larger ones is all personal preference.



2) The timing of your exercise sessions.

Again, WHAT you do in your exercise session is about a million times more important than WHEN you fit those sessions into your week. Also see How to write your own workout.



3) You know that you don’t need to quit any food or food group to be healthy or lose weight



4) You know that exercise alone is an ineffective strategy to lose weight



5) You know that the scales are not always the best way to measure your progress


And just to round it all out, you also know that hormones can affect how hard or how easy your journey can be.


Chriss Tinslay

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